Monday, June 4, 2012

Where are all the honest reporters?

I'm more and more concerned about the poor quality of main stream media reporting than anything else these days. 

Oh sure, we still have islamic maniacs plotting jihad enroute to the next caliphate, you only have to crack open the morning paper (if you still do that, most of us don't - and heralding the death of print media this month is the demise of the Sunday edition) to see the latest on jihadi terrorists and so-called 'honor killings'.  You have read these pretty quickly though, as they tend to drop below the electronic fold around 10 am, and are not readily visible on the first page anymore after that.

The secrecy around the Eaton's Centre shooting is only the latest example.  Q: Who is the shooter?  He's a gang-banger, right?  Well, probably - as the shootee was an "... up and coming rapper who was just turning his life around."  Really, the only reason to read the news stories in the local paper anymore is so you can understand the context of the comments - they are the real news these days.

If you don't subscribe to at least 4 high quality Blogs for an electronic copy of the TRUTH you're spending every single day laboring under the false illusions that you are paying the MSM to provide for you.  It's like paying your Lawyer to lie to you, or paying your Doctor to tell you everything is OK, when he knows full well that you're going to die unless you have surgery.

Pam Geller's article on the three Jewish kids attacked in France last week exposes another textbook case of the cowards in the MSM obfuscating the truth in order to  . ... what, exactly?  It's obvious to everyone that the attackers were muslim.  MUSLIM.  Not 'asian' or 'of north african descent' or 'immigrant youth'; those are described at the above 'Atlas Shrugs' story as euphemisms every bit as relevant as the color of their underwear.  I want to shout at the enemedia (enemy media) hacks, "It's Islam, stupid!"

Caroline Glick, who writes for the Jerusalem Post, is every bit as blunt.  In her April 19, 2012 article 'The Elephant of Jew Hatred' she candidly states why the current U.S. administration (or any other like-minded group) will never have an effective role in a middle east peace process with this boldly accurate column. "Because the Americans and the Europeans refuse to acknowledge the elephant of Jew-hatred in the middle of the room, they cannot be trusted to make reasoned or rational policy decisions (regarding Israel)." 

It's obvious to anyone who's actually paying attention that it's because the culture of islam has an unreasonable, bottomless hatred for Jews that they're impossible to reason with on any subject at all, whether it be tourism or nuclear weapons.  If only these islamists were victims of one, or even all of the seven deadly sins, we could understand and deal with their insanity.  Their unreasonable, unfounded, outright Jew Hatred is so far beyond our rational comprehension here is the West that it must be exposed repeatedly, confronted by men and women of Moral Courage, then talked and written about until everyone understands that it exists, even though they can never really understand why.

As for the cowards in the MSM, I ask only that go quietly to their deaths on the scrap heap of history.  Eventually the Neville Chamberlain's of the MSM who preached appeasement and continually printed the lie that 'islam is a religion of peace' will have the shame of their own words heaped upon them until they can no longer breathe or write a single word.

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