Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Doggie . ...

A favorite pastime of violent islamists in Denmark lately is to stage courtroom riots whenever one of their ethnic fellows is convicted of violating one of those silly infidel laws.

Muslim Leader: "I hate Democracy"

Take a walk with Tommy Robinson through his hometown of Luton, UK.  An Australian '60 minutes' crew accompanied him and recorded the reaction of muslim leaders from some of the 19 mosques that exist in what has become an islamic ghetto.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sensitivity training 101

Andrew Klavan:
How to behave during an Islamic Massacre

Ban the Burka

It's common sense - there's every reason to ban the burka.

With the rising numbers of muslims in London, England - there are now parts of town where women cannot go without covering their hair - for fear of harassment from muslim men and women.

The problem isn't small numbers of so-called 'moderate muslims' - the problems happen when the tipping point of muslim population is reached - then they start thinking they can call the shots.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comic fined for hurting heckler's feelings

Absolutely insane - BCHRT thinks $22K is 'fairness' for hurt feelings.
"Take my lesbian heckler, please."

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's risky to be working with the mentally ill . ...

Vittorio Arrigoni believed there was a place called Palestine. Jihadists killed him anyways.  Jihadists who thought Hamas was too 'moderate'.  As if that were possible.

Ann Barnhardt writes in the American Thinker that the The Keystone of the Islamic Milieu is Inbreeding. She believes that as a direct result, Muslim populations are mentally disabled on a massive scaleReproductive Health Journal reports that consanguinity in some Muslim countries, (including the muslim population of the U.K.) exceeds 55%. 
55%?  That's Retarded . . ... 
Sounds like 'Vic' was a terrific guy, a little misguided maybe, but he gave up everything for a cause he believed in.  He didn't deserve to die like he did. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Polygamist muslims pick your pocket

Why are we paying islamists to plot the demise of democracy?
Millions of tax dollars paid by Canadians and citizens in other democracies around the world are going to welfare-cheating muslim polygamist families .
In Germany muslims are 4 times as likely to be receiving welfare as non-muslims, and in Denmark muslims comprise 5% of the population but suck up 40% of all welfare handed out.
This story isn't even new, as this news article from Feb/2008 shows.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Comments overwhelmingly bash 'Koranimals'

Stephen Schwartz visits Toronto and says 'islam is fine'.  
He confirms his Center for Islamic Pluralism has it's own dynamite kool-aid.
I'm Steve, I'm smarter than you.
Like this one:
"Empty words to justify islam and 'Koranimals' to the West are just that.  For every 10 so-called harmless muslims there's at least 1 hardcore islamist, and most of the 9 won't lift a finger to protect Canada when that one acts 'in the name of islam'.
Spare me the rhetoric, islam is an ideology more akin to facism than democracy. Tolerating any amount of islam ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD is foolish."
Another comment links to an alphabetical listing of Canadian Islamic Terrorists . . .... the comments are far better than the article.