Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jennifer Lynch to the Principals Office!

Link to the latest, from Blazing Cat Fur. Jennifer 'J-Lie' Lynch will be appearing before Parliment on Monday, October 26/09. This will be carried live on CPAC.

A must-view primer of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn giving testimony before the same Parlimentary committee on Oct 5/09 can be found through the link at Ezra's site here.

The MP's will have had 3 weeks 'post Ezra' to research and review the issues, they should (if they're doing their jobs) have some pointed questions for the CHRC Fagin and whatever Artful Dodgers show up with her. Big Ezra has an impeccably documented rebuttal to the Richard 'Liar for Hire' Moon submission for you to enjoy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just say no, to inmates from Gitmo.

A very public 'NO'.

"We're not interested in bringing detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Canada," said Dimitri Soudas. "In the case of other detainees who are not Canadian citizens and don't have a connection to Canada, there is no justification for us to bring any such individuals to Canada."

Toronto-born Omar Khadr, accused by the Pentagon of throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan in 2002, is the only Western detainee left in Guantanamo.

Canada's Conservative Government is already busy deporting over 12,000 people a year.

You can only remain in the country illegally if you're ENORMOUS.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Every day is Halloween at the CHRC.

Lynch Manor
For those of you who think the most important news from Calgary last week was the opening of Louis Vuitton at Holt Renfrew, hang up now and dial another number.

The Calgary Herald hammered the Canadian so-called 'Human Rights Commission' again on Thursday, fragging them with a logic grenade and appealing to all citizens and their representatives in Ottawa to "stop the rot .... and reclaim an old liberty."

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn both appeared before Ottawa MP's in the Parlimentary Committee investigating the CHRC's, answering questions and schooling the Members on just how atrocious and unjust these thieving liars of the commission really are. Watch the whole hour on youtube, 10 minutes at a time, from the link on Ezra's site.

With Halloween just around the corner, wouldn't it be appropriate to build a 'fright house' that resembles a CHRC investigation rather than a traditional haunted house? Ask Ezra, Mark, or anyone else who's ever been hauled through the mill by these Leatherfaced investigators which is more likely to turn your bowels to water? A witch yelling boo, or a petty bureaucrat chainsawing their way through fundamental rights of privacy and fairness, tying people up in red tape and yelling, "Truth is NOT a defence!"

Children should be afraid to go to sleep at night, worried that Richard 'Freddy Kruger' Warman will arrive in their dreams and scratch out their fundamental right to free speech with his long metal claws. They should cry for their mommies, "Don't let Dean 'Dracula' Steacy suck the lifeblood of liberty and my right to a fair trial!"
Oh goodness, I could go on and on . . ... you get the picture. Write you MP, tell 'em how scared you are. Hallmark makes some lovely Halloween cards.

CHRC 'Action Figure'

Friday, October 9, 2009

Honest and Open Discussion about the CHRC

On the Michael Coren Show.

The kind of fair, moderated examination of the issues surrounding the CHRC that Jennifer Lynch should be having.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Letter to the Conservative Party of Canada

BCF has a list of people and organizations that need to hear from every Canadian who believes in freedom of speech.

Here's my first salvo, to the Conservative Party of Canada.
'Stand Up For Canada'
It's right there at the top of your website.

At your last general meeting, the CPC voted to abolish sec 13 of the HRC's mandate.
I understand how tough it is to hold the high ground when the Liberals are yapping at your heels, but this is a basic, fundamental freedom that's being eroded.

You must follow through and pursue the eradication of this band of tax-payer funded criminal enterprise. We'll never have a better chance to correct the well meaning mistakes that led to the cross country creation of the HRC's.

Stand up for Canada.

Fire. Them. All.

Bloodthirsty Maniacs

Sounds like a movie title. But it's real life.

John Robson interviews Dr. Jonathan Fine from the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism.

Fine observes, "You could at least buy time by haggling with old-style terrorists, but, 'once a suicide bomber enters the target zone, it is lost', which means the only effective response is pre-emptive."

There comes a point where it's OK to stop accumulating examples; how many times does someone have to shout "Slaughter the Jews" before you abandon attempts at dialogue on a two-state solution?

Read the whole article here, in the Calgary Herald: Jihadists mean what they say.

Gateway to the Swamp

You can stumble around the Internet for years, looking up reviews on products you want to buy, searching for friends and relatives, and reading the news. Occasionally you'll get linked to porn, banner ads for contests and other trash you weren't seeking. It's easy to just delete the link or ad, and move on.

Then you fall in the landfill. It starts out appearing as a reputable news or opinion article, then quickly becomes an anti-Israel rant that leaves a taste of death and corruption that no amount of mouthwash can remove.

The opposite of opening a window when the room is stuffy after vacation. The exact opposite of reading a David Warren column, something that uplifts and challenges you to think. The opposite of logical, rational discussion on important world topics that directly affect peoples lives.

Greg Felton's columns leave that horrible taste. A quick scan of his home page reveals all the clues anyone needs, as we are known by the company we keep. A link to the 'Canadian Charger', Elmo's personal vehicle for public humiliation, is featured prominently in the center of the page. A collection of articles in support of the sock puppet's attack on free speech is featured in 'MacLean's vs Islam'. Then there's the usual liberal view of 'enlightenment' showcase with links to other loony-left writers, most featuring further rants of anti-semitic hysteria.

Greg has his place in the world, distasteful though he's chose to make it. Having been exposed to the fetid stink of his poorly researched and formulated opinions, I'll return only occasionally to his 'opinion landfill', and then only to in an effort to know the enemy. Hopefully one day he'll come to his senses, although thoroughly entrenched with the enemies of Israel, it is possible that he can be redeemed.

Perhaps Jennifer Lynch and he can ride together to the Holocaust museum and publically apologize for their past behaviour . . .... it could happen.