Monday, February 22, 2010

Israeli Apartheid Fashions

Sassywire suggests you put a little feeling into your counter-protest on campus this spring. Anti-semites with a bullhorn will be there, so you're going to want to look and feel your very best.
Get your 'Buy-cott Israel' Fashion statement here. Dress classy for IAW!

Or, have shipped right to your door, this soon to be classic fashion statement:
Verse translation: "Be strong and of good courage; for you shall cause this people to inherit the land which I swore to their fathers to give them." (Joshua 1:6).

You can also support Israeli made products in your area by joining the Facebook site, 'Buycott Israel'. Again, a caution: These IAW psychos often lack a sense of humor, irony or logic. Make sure someone is watching your back, and keep a tissue ready to remove flying spittle. Take a camera, too. I'll post your pictures here if you send them to me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ann Coulter is coming to Calgary . ....

March 25, 2010
. ... and Ezra Levant will be the opening speaker, introducing Ann after a few short remarks of his own!
Warm up (you might also want to stretch before this event) with Ann's latest missives at

You can get tickets to the VIP reception by emailing Ezra here.

Ann Coulter said last night at the CPAC in Washington "Sarah Palin's created more job than Obama", and took shots at every Democrat on earth, from Joe Biden to Ted Kennedy.
Her speech at CPAC is on CNN video here at the NYmag, a liberal rag that has no qualms about posting her speech unedited, while still bashing her method of delivering the message. Liberals, always surprising!

You don't want to miss Ezra's opening remarks, Ann's lecture, or the Q & A that will follow. 'Balanced' and 'impartial' will be two words not heard the entire evening.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

No more 'Pigs in Space'!

NASA to 'Reach Out' to Muslim Countries.

That's just what we need, a Space fatwa!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alberta day with Paul Brandt at the 2010 Olympics

Some fantastic Canadian music in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics!

Tonight Paul Brandt headlines, (right after Canadian Snowboarder Maelle Ricker receives her gold medal) and all day it'll be cowboy hats and Stampede Princesses, with Chuckwagon and Rodeo stars alongside at the Alberta pavilion.

"Each of the Vancouver Victory Ceremonies, which start at 6:25 pm (Pacific Time), begins with a 30-minute show by the host province or territory. Each nightly ceremony is sponsored by a territory or province, starting with British Columbia (February 14), Quebec (February 15), Nova Scotia (February 16), Alberta (February 17), Prince Edward Island (February 18), Northwest Territories (February 19), Yukon (February 20), Nunavut (February 21), Saskatchewan (February 23), Ontario (February 24), Manitoba (February 25), and closing with Newfoundland and Labrador (February 26).
The provincial/territorial show is followed by the athlete medal presentations, which are broadcast to a worldwide audience, wrapping up with an hour-long performance by that night’s headlining act."

True Canadian culture, real western culture, on display for the world to see.

Go Canada!

In addition, it's great to hear some reasonable, informed opinion on the 'Not enough French at the Olympics' debate from Lindsay Blackett, Alberta Culture Minister.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Muslim fatwa forbidding Valentines Day

A harmless holiday of love and friendship?
Not in Saudi Arabia. "Be My Valentine" means 'Jail Time'.
CBC: Saudi Police enforce ban on Valentines Day.

LA Times: Saudi officials put the squeeze on Valentines Day.

Front Page Magazine: Hating Valentines Day.

And while 'Saudiwoman's Weblog' twitters she's "So bored with the annual 'Saudi muttawa ban Valentines day' news piece, she points out that Valentines really aren't needed if you're an 80 year old man buying a 12 year old bride.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roller Derby @ Seven Chiefs

Calgary Roller Derby Assoc.
'Love Hurts'

Saturday, Feb 13/10
Seven Chiefs Arena
Tsuu Tina Reservation

Tickets $10
Doors open @ 6
Bout starts @ 7

Tied for 1st place in BCF's 'Pin ups - War of the Poses'!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympic Opening Ceremonies 'Walk of Shame'

*Update* Feb 12 - Opening Ceremonies
Her somber expression, dressed in a black burka walking into BC place, turned the athlete's entrance into a 'walk of shame'. The cameras stayed on her for such a short time, it was certainly uncomfortable for anyone to watch. What a contrast between her and the smiling, happy Israeli athletes who followed (alphabetically) right behind them! Go Canada!! Go Israel! Go HOME Iran!

The 2010 Olympic misfit.
"I'm so proud to be a muslim iranian olympian."
Yup, I'll bet that's just what the mullahs will say when she gets home.
CNN story: First Iranian woman in Winter Olympics history.

Off the slopes, she is expected to observe the Islamic dress code, or hijab, but on the slopes, she will compete in the (way too damn sexy) aerodynamic ski suit and helmet worn by her Western rivals.

When she gets home, she'll no doubt be welcomed as a hero by the same mullah morons who reportedly last year said that women should not ski because the movement of their knees looked "more like dancing than sport."

The whole thing would be every bit as entertaining and endearing as the Jamaica Bobsled team was, except the Jamaica snow-sliders didn't have to worry about possibly being executed when they returned home.

Maybe, when you see her ski, you'll remember the '10 women of Shiraz'

June 18th will mark the anniversary of the hanging of these 10 Bahai women in Shiraz (June 18, 1983), one of whom, Mona Mahmudinizhad, was only 17 years old.

Pinups for Vets

For 'The war of the Poses'

It's really all about the background . . ...

Link to lesser pinup efforts here: Blazing Cat Fur, few of which possess the same keen eye for the all important background!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dutch Consul wants your opinion on Geert Wilders

"Please let us know how we are doing...."

Drop by their website and let the Dutch Government know how you feel.

Some talking points, feel free to use any or all of them.

-Point out that to you Geert Wilders is a hero, and that the truth does indeed matter.

-Warn them that getting caught trying to justify the lie of multiculturalism will not fool the Dutch people, and that's why the Freedom Party is leading the polls in the Netherlands.

-Ask them what will happen when Islamists who support the killing of Theo Van Gogh realize that a decision against free speech means they can get away with attacking those who speak out against their hardline political agenda.

-Remind them that by demonizing Geert Wilders they're coddling and appeasing Islamist bullies, and further alienating those who refuse to cringe before rulers who won't support free speech and a free society.

-Don't hold back, it's almost too late. Geert Wilders must triumph, for this is as important a case as there ever was for free speech.

Taliban use children as suicide bombers

Stormbringer brings the latest:
A common theme of the liberals in our country and repeated by the Left in the other developed countries, is that the war in Afghanistan - like the war in Iraq - is an "unnecessary war". These people call themselves 'Progressives'. I call them cowards.
The BBC story has no independent confirmation, but the police believe she is telling the truth, and that her information could be valuable. Stories of Taliban suicide bomber training camps for children are nothing new. Using children to plant roadside bombs, as this story from yesterday in the U.K. Daily Express proves, are verifiable first person accounts.
Qari Abdullah, a taliban leader who recruits children for suicide missions in Pakistan, was interviewed on camera in 2009, when asked about using young children to carry out such attacks, replied:
“Children are tools to achieve God’s will. And whatever comes your way, you sacrifice it.” He then reveals that he recruits children as young as 5, 6, and 7 years old.

Taliban families, women and children live with constant stress under the Taliban. Licia Corbella recalls this past weekend in the Calgary Herald how she met one Afghan wife and mother in Kabul in 2003. The Taliban had outlawed women working outside of the home, and life quickly became almost impossible for Massooda and her two children.

"All of us were so depressed," recalled Massooda, who was 36 when I met her, but looked much older. "I felt like I was dead. I was covered up all the time. Never seeing the sun, under the burka, no husband, no hope, no life, no school for our children, war all the time." When Massooda did venture out of her home unaccompanied, she was often beaten by the Taliban for not having a male escort.

Olivia Ward speculates what the future holds for Afghan women in yesterdays Toronto Sun. Rumors of a reconciliation of any kind with taliban militants send shockwaves of fear through the local Afghan population. "If you bring (the taliban) back, it will push us back," says Homa Sabri, who heads the Afghan division of the United Nations women's fund UNICEF. "We will lose the gains of the past eight years." GIRLS, BARRED from school under the Taliban, now account for more than one-third of the 6.2 million children enrolled, and female literacy rates have risen from single digits to about 13 per cent.

Meena says: "My brother used to tell me that the place for a woman is either at home or in the grave. I was always restricted to home. He said: "If you leave the house I'll cut off your head and put it on your chest." My brother had been to the local school and beaten the girls and the teachers."

Liberal left multicultural apologists would have us withdraw and leave these women and families defenceless in the face of a resurgent taliban presence. That's just wrong, and there's no other way to state it. Being aware of and condoning child abuse, just because it's on the other side of (what has become) a very small world, makes us a cowardly nation of cowardly people. Afghan families and children need our help, as much or more than the families and children in Haiti do.


From the U.K. (big surprise)
‘We want to be Islamic bombers when we grow up'

Hey Britain, 'Wake up and smell the Jihad'.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Anniversary of the Execution of Daniel Pearl

Today, on the 8th anniversary of the execution of a wonderfully talented journalist and musician, Daniel Pearl. His kidnapping and execution in 2002 was organized by Omar Sheikh, an Islamist, a terrorist, and a British National educated at the London School of Economics.

Today, Nobel prizewinning author Wole Soyinka, has accused England of (still) being a “cesspit” that nurtures terrorism.


Mr Soyinka put the origins of the problem with the fatwa [religious ruling] by the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran against the author Salman Rushdie in 1989, and calls Islam a "virus that has attacked the world of sense and sensibility, (and) preaches an apocalyptic violence".

"6 March 1989"
by Salman Rushdie

Now, misters and sisters, they've come for my voice.
If the Cat got my tongue, lok who-who would rejoice--
muftis, politicos, 'my own people', hacks.
Still, nameless-and-faceless or not, here's my choice:
not to shut up. To sing on, in spite of attacks,
to sing (while my dreams are being murdered by facts)
praises of butterflies broken on racks.