Friday, July 31, 2009

"Electro-Canadian Charger"

"Biased coverage of Gaza"
"Global warming"
"8 years after 911 why are muslims still to blame"
"Tazers are terrible weapons"
and finally . ...
"Iranian election coverage" by . ... wait for it . ...
Yvonne Ridley. Shocka!
The most laughable attempt to publish since . ... since . ... the Koran. BCF searched everywhere to leave a comment, no luck. I guess it's a one way conversation.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let's bring down the gavel on 'Islamic Lawfare'

Update: Thousands raised for Ezra's legal defence.

Ezra Levant is being sued, again. This time, we all need to help.

From the start of the HRC nightmare, Ezra has put it all on the line. His reputation, his health, his family, and his finances were all at risk. He never quit. He deserves our respect, and our support!

Please invest in freedom of speech by making a donation.

Mark Steyn is hosting an ONLINE FUNDRAISER at his site to support Ezra's legal defence fund for one day only, Wednesday, July 29, 2009.

Will the REAL COURT please stand up?

Bring on the Real Courts!

The Calgary Herald - rapidly becoming my favorite MSM publication, publishes an editorial outlining the opportunity Canada's REAL COURTS have to squash the HRC's. (h/t Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury)

They call it "a golden opportunity" on Sept 16, to put a bullet in the head of the Alberta HRC by declaring unconstitutional sections of the code relating to free speech.

The moles and weasels at the AHRC have, of course "chosen not to participate (again)" as truth will be a defence, and there is real danger that Ezra Levant might appear in the courtroom!

TNOYF reminds us of how powerful Ezra is.

They're here . . ...

Canadian? Angry burka.

Pat Condell tells like it is. Ban the burka?

How to eat wearing a burka. I howled!

Burka Band. I need a drink.

Reverse burka. Revurka.

Caution. Burka crossing.

The Burka. Both funny, and not funny at all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MSM improving with Calgary Herald

Having your local paper quoted in blogs you follow, and on more than one occasion, is a real cause for celebration! From Licia Corbella's series on why "only mentally ill women wear a burka" to the recent honor killings coverage, The Calgary Herald has been doing a terrific job.

This latest editorial on 'The Imported Evil of Honor Killings' is spot on. To quote, "Community leaders and the clergy have a key role to play in heading off the potentially lethal intercultural and inter-generational disputes which sometimes lead to the murder of children from these cultures by their parents".

Although she wasn't killed, how do you disown your 8 year old daughter after she's been raped? Here's another story we probably wouldn't have read in a more left wing local paper.

Maybe Dr Amin Muhammad, Professor of Psychiatry at Memorial University in Newfoundland can explain. He's a specialist is the area of TCP, Transcultural Psychiatry, and was quoted - again in the Calgary Herald - as saying that"honor killings in Canada are on the rise, and that very soon we'll have a problem in Canada".

I'd say 10 honor killings a year indicates we already have a problem. A much bigger problem than maybe we realize. The Calgary Herald editorial mentioned earlier sums it up clearly,

"Immigrants are welcome, but must realize they are expected to internalize Canadian values and leave behind repugnant archaisms such as this utterly skewed understanding of what constitutes male honour, and the obligation of feminine submissiveness."

The 'Cult of Multicult' is over.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Muslim Punk Rock

Seriously. I couldn't make this up. Sometimes when you start one place on the internet, you end up somewhere else you never imagined.

My old favorite example of this is was going online to buy cowboy boots, and ending up here.

Our 'staycation' at Calgary Folkfest just ended, with a Monday morning of rest and recovery. 4 fabulous days of sunshine, great music and good friends, so while surfing the news and pictures of 1st the local scene, then the Canadian scene, the link to 'Muslim Punk Rock' pops up. I honestly don't know what to make of it, or what to say. It's like TNOYF's 'Islamic Rage Boy' meets 'The Sex Pistols'.

How about, 'Kids these days, what are they up to now?' Turns out it's the same thing they've (we've) always been up to . . ... raising hell, and turning the established norms upside down. God bless 'em. My two favorite quotes, "No more female lead singers, OK?", and "Music is haram!" while smashing his guitar. Oh, and when the cops arrive . ...

I still don't think we'll see them at Folk Fest anytime soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Of course, blame the 'Islamaphobes'

Ehab would have us believe we're all to blame for the death of Marwa El-Sherbiny. Her tragic death in a German courtroom somehow equates in Ehab's mind to his Canadian muslim identity and the 'hatred' of his unnamed fellow citizens for Islam. Well, here's a dose of reality for you, Ehab.

I don't want a rabid rottweiler living next door, or the hell's angels motorcycle gang. I also don't want a mysogynistic, culture eroding, honor killing, caliphate promoting, jihad crusading, hijab wearing, wife beating, Koran reading, muslim family.

If my neighbors have a well behaved dog, or a harley they ride on weekends, or they're a muslim family that puts Canadian values of free speech and citizenship first, then we don't have a problem.

Equating me to a psycho who stabbed this woman to death because 'all Canadians hate muslims' is rediculous, and only fuels the fire he's trying to extinguish.

Ehab further states the Canadian Government 'rarely comes to the aid of muslims unless ordered to do so by the courts', refering to Abousfian Abdelrazik and Omar Khadr. He conveniently forgets Huseyin Celil, a Canadian muslim being held in China, who Canadian Diplomats are fighting tirelessly to free and bring home.

Ehab's narrow-minded and monocular view insists we need to use taxpayer money to 'do research into Islamophobia and start a vigorous campaign to raise awareness of interculturalism', based on the recommendations of a Quebec committee.

I believe the research has been done, and the verdict is in. Canadians don't want to sacrifice their way of life to accomodate muslims anymore. The great 'multicult experiment' is over. Canadians don't like the 'Ehabs', people who use their muslim identity to blame everyone else for whatever bad happens to muslims around the world. Grieving partial truths and even outright lies in the case of Omar Khadr, the 'Ehabs' want us to feel guilty for not doing enough to help destroy our way of life in a seizure of accomodation and appeasement.

What happened to Marwa, her husband and her son was tragic. I would suggest that Ehab's fear of a similar occurrance of what happened in that German courtroom is well founded, and that a large portion of the blame will be laid directly on his own doorstep. We're looking forward to your post on the recent muslim honor killings in Kingston, Mr. Lotayef. Is that my fault too?

h/t BCF 'always out front'

To my MP Lee Richardson: Fire Jennifer Lynch!

I called Lee's Ottawa office this morning and left a message with his assistant, Jeff Henwood.

The message: Fire Jennifer Lynch!

Jeff's no stranger to the issue, he spoke knowledgeably on the subject of the controversy surrounding the CHRC, and stated that repealing sec. 13 of the act was being given serious consideration. But that's not enough.

Supreme Leader of the CHRC Jennifer Lynch has been having a 'running gun battle' in the National Post with Ezra Levant and MP Russ Hiebert. Having been shot several times with the truth, she refuses to die!

As 'Fuhrer' of a gang of criminal conspirators, she's time and again lied to Canadians about the activities of her repulsive staff.

I'll follow this phone conversation up with a letter, confirming the clear message that all of us who believe in the Canadian ideals of freedom of speech can send:

Fire Jennifer Lynch and her whole staff. Fire. Them. All.

Will Atlas be adding 7 more dead women to her list?

Atlas Shrugs keeps a list of the women murdered in 'muslim honor killings', and may soon be adding the names:
Zainab Shafi age 19, Sahar Shafi age 17, and Geeti Shafi age 13, Rona Amir Mohammed age 50. These four Montreal women were found drowned in a submerged car in a Kingston canal June 30. They were 'mysterious deaths - tragic accidents' with no mention that the family was muslim until today.

But wait, there's more . ... 3 more muslim women, mother Naila Yasmin age 43, daughters Kinza Kaianad age 14, and Sunaila Kaianad age 11 were found drowned, face down in a hotel pool in Gananoque, Ontario on Saturday, July 18.
None knew how to swim, and the men in the family were reportedly eating breakfast in the hotel restaraunt when the drownings occurred.

Scaramouche agrees this is suspicious! Arrests have been made in the canal killings, and while Gananoque Police said they are confident foul play was not involved in the hotel pool killings, their investigation continues. How do a mother and her two girls, all non-swimmers, end up alone floating face down in the hotel pool before breakfast? The Star story emphasizes the fathers grief, but what really happened?

I'd be interested to hear whether they were wearing bathing suits, and what might have transpired in the night and weeks before the so called 'vacation'. Could the mother have killed them and then drowned herself? There are just too many co-incidences for this to sit comfortably with me. Mark Steyn points out, "There would seem to be a statistically improbable number of multiple drownings of female members of Muslim families in Kingston this summer. If you're a young female Muslim, and you have any say in the matter, you might want to vacation elsewhere."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Afghanistan in pictures

Fabulous pics from The Boston Globe.

Monday, July 20, 2009

'Romance among the Islamists'

BCF links to the worst of the worst.
And it's from the Jerusalem Post, detailing Iranian Basiji militia behaviour.

Iranian prison guards in 'Legal' Islamic marriages to incarcerated virgins the night prior to their executions.
It'll turn your stomach, and make you wonder how any western leader in his right mind would even think of negotiating with these animals.
** Update **

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"I don't want to write about Health Care"


Warning: Only 2 of the following 4 stories are a joke.

First,from the U.S. 'Health Administration Bureau':

Second, Steven Crowder, bilingual Canadian ex-pat examines Canadian Health Care in a visit to Quebec:

Third, Alberta Healthcare CEO says, "It wasn't a lie, it was a mistake."

Finally, the top story in American Healthcare news, President Obama is gravely ill.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Future . . ... more stuff to worry about

Three PSA's from the future.

7 muslim groups claiming 'defamation' sent packing

In Texas, (read: 'In Heaven ...') 7 Muslim groups who filed 'Lawfare claims' that they were defamed by a journalist were told they had no valid case in the 'Six Flags over Terrorists' ruling.

Joe Kaufman wrote an online article for Front Page Magazine describing the Islamic Circle of North America as a "radical Muslim organization" and "a recent donor to Hamas" as well as "involved in the financing of al-Qaeda." Kaufman also said, "Those involved with this group's event, Muslim Family Day (at Six Flags Theme Park), may very well have found an original and appealing way to spread anti-Western hatred."

Justice Livingston said this statement did not give rise to a valid defamation case by the seven Islamic groups, none of whom were named in the article.

Today's Nazi's

Jennifer Lynch wants you!
'Do all you can in defence of the CHRC'.(rough german translation)

Ezra Levant: "How many Nazi's work for Jennifer Lynch these days?"

The Stoning of Soraya M.

'The Stoning of Soraya M' opens this Friday, July 17 - TORONTO
Alliance Cumberland Cinemas 159 Cumberland Ave., Toronto, ON
No Calgary date has yet been set.

It sounds like an important and horrifying film.
Ed Driscoll saw it on June 27 and has an excellent review and collection of opinions about the film.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Seriously, can you smell that?

Stephen Taylor exposes how the CRTC lied to Parliment and all Canadians, documenting their omission of the following section from the final report, 'Review of broadcasting in new media'. At what point can an employee post the logo of the Federal Government on a document that isn't true, and get away with it?

Here's the section of the final report the CRTC omitted:
“The history of the regulation of speech in this country does not engender confidence that such powers will be used wisely. Canada has experienced several instances in recent times where regulatory commissions of another type and armed with a different mission have challenged the right to say controversial things.
The struggles of Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and others have served as important warnings that regulatory authorities charged with combating racism, hatred, and other evils have consistently expanded their mandates, have abused their powers and eroded fundamental liberties.
Wherever there is official orthodoxy, disagreement is heresy, and where there is heresy, there is usually an inquisition to root it out. After centuries ridding ourselves of thought control agencies, 20th century Canada re-invented them.”

If you're going to lie and fudge a federal report, then put it on Canadian coat-of-arms letterhead, you might as well wrap fish in it. That's all it's good for. Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn must be making some folks at the CRTC nervous . . .... now why would that be?

Muslim Terrorists - they only understand one thing

If you fuck with me or mine, I will fuck with you 10 times over.
'Hamas militia arrest two jihadis who were about to fire mortar rounds into Israel.'

Pardon? I thought Hamas was the enemy of Israel . . ...

Well, they are. However Hamas also clearly understands that any rockets that land in Israel will prompt an ass-kicking from the Israelis that even Hamas is not stupid enough to provoke.

That's how you deal with these people, not by trying to appease them.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This can't possibly last much longer . .... can it?

Good Lord.

Jennifer Lynch, Supreme Leader of the CHRC, can actually lie boldly in the newspaper and for some reason still keep her job. Her attempts to refute the allegations of a sitting MP, who is also sitting as part of a parlimentary committee investigating her department, are outright falsehood.

This is a woman who no one doubts is intelligent. However, she is completely evil. How can she look on the horror her commission has brought to honest Canadians and not feel shame?

The real proof is in the comments of her rebuttal to MP Russ Hiebert's article in the National Post, and in what is now becoming Ezra Levant's routine skewering of her lies on his blog.

No one doubts that there are real 'haters' out there, real racists and criminals who prey on the weak and stupid. Jennifer's words prove she's more like them than she is like us.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Obama (pbuh)

Stop me if you've heard this one.

Obama (pbuh) takes a week to stop referring to the the mounting death toll in Iran as a 'debate', coincidentally pulling his head out of his ass the same day millions watch young Neda die on youtube.

Michael Coren sums up the insanity of the HRC's with his July 6 article in the Sun.

"A Muslim calling for Jews and soldiers to be killed apparently is not as bad as a Christian claiming that homosexuality is sinful or a Jew stating that terror is sometimes committed in the name of Islam. OK? Good. It's important that you understand so as not to get into any problems."

Friday, July 3, 2009

Reaffirming my Citizenship

National Post Editorial Board

Every year, Canadians have an opportunity to reaffirm their citizenship at Canada Day festivals across the country. As new Canadians took the oath at the Prince's Island Park celebrations this year in Calgary, myself and hundreds of other citizens pledged their continuing allegiance to this great country.

I'm grateful to Tarek Fatah, the dozens of bloggers and the National Post Editorial board for their vigilance in exposing those who undermine this great nation. Especially those like Mr Shaban, whose 'free speech' and many other rights we protect with our constitution.

This country will not fail, so long as those of us who understand and appreciate all that we have work to keep it strong and free. Let's hear from Mr. Shaban anytime he cares to speak, his words can't hurt us, and provide us with another opportunity to prove we are "The True North, Strong and Free."

Don Sharpe
Calgary, Alberta