Friday, July 3, 2009

Reaffirming my Citizenship

National Post Editorial Board

Every year, Canadians have an opportunity to reaffirm their citizenship at Canada Day festivals across the country. As new Canadians took the oath at the Prince's Island Park celebrations this year in Calgary, myself and hundreds of other citizens pledged their continuing allegiance to this great country.

I'm grateful to Tarek Fatah, the dozens of bloggers and the National Post Editorial board for their vigilance in exposing those who undermine this great nation. Especially those like Mr Shaban, whose 'free speech' and many other rights we protect with our constitution.

This country will not fail, so long as those of us who understand and appreciate all that we have work to keep it strong and free. Let's hear from Mr. Shaban anytime he cares to speak, his words can't hurt us, and provide us with another opportunity to prove we are "The True North, Strong and Free."

Don Sharpe
Calgary, Alberta

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