Sunday, July 12, 2009

This can't possibly last much longer . .... can it?

Good Lord.

Jennifer Lynch, Supreme Leader of the CHRC, can actually lie boldly in the newspaper and for some reason still keep her job. Her attempts to refute the allegations of a sitting MP, who is also sitting as part of a parlimentary committee investigating her department, are outright falsehood.

This is a woman who no one doubts is intelligent. However, she is completely evil. How can she look on the horror her commission has brought to honest Canadians and not feel shame?

The real proof is in the comments of her rebuttal to MP Russ Hiebert's article in the National Post, and in what is now becoming Ezra Levant's routine skewering of her lies on his blog.

No one doubts that there are real 'haters' out there, real racists and criminals who prey on the weak and stupid. Jennifer's words prove she's more like them than she is like us.

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