Tuesday, March 30, 2010

These guys get it! So can you.

"(In 2009) there was the very real possibility that the Committee might review several years’ worth of hate speech laws, decisions, activists, plaintiffs, defendants, and horror stories."
The rollercoaster ride the Conservative Gov't is giving free speech hopefuls.

Senator Finley opens the 'Senate Freedom of Speech Inquiry' and Senator Mike Duffy has got his back.

"Despite our 400 year tradition of free speech, the tyrannical instinct to censor still exists. “We saw it on a university campus last week. And we see it every week in Canada’s misleadingly-named human rights commissions.

Right here in Calgary, Rob Breckenridge gets it too.
'Free speech is not ripe for cherry-picking'
Thank you Ann Coulter.

The CAUT get it, and they're 'not exactly a right wing fringe group'.
"While many of us profoundly disagree with her, a university should welcome controversial speakers and vigorous debate, not seek to restrict discourse or speakers. We feel you owe an apology to Ms. Coulter"

This hatefilled bitch doesn't get it, and she won't until a clear majority of Canadians stand up and tell her they've had enough! Write your Member of Parliament and tell them what you think about J-Ly and her Stasi thought police.

h/t, as always, to BCF and FFOF.
They always have it first, I frequently just move it along.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A conversation with Morley Walker

And a challenge . ....

Well met, Sir!

Provoked by 'Yellow Remark' Morley Walker's article in the Winnipeg Free Press, the following email exchange occurred.


> From: Don Sharpe
> Sent: March-28-10 9:19 AM
> To: Walker,Morley
> Subject: A Love Letter to Morley Walker

> This isn't one.

> You went way past the line with your piece on Ann Coulter.
> Lazy Slanderous Hack, you wrote the worst kind of yellow journalism.
> Ezra the 'lap dog', Steyn the 'amusing fixture', Ann wore 'less clothes than a Playboy bunny' and 'sue her skinny ass' - then referencing Huff-Po's suggestions she "rants stridently about commies and faggots and Jews when she's drunk and hits on her young nieces' boyfriends."

> It wasn't even funny.

> Name calling, slights on her physical appearance, false claims of nudity and perverse behavior, this is the worst kind of baseless public accusation a writer for a daily paper can make. Winnipeg residents deserve more honesty and insight than this kind of tabloid smear journalism.

> You are an absolute embarrassment to real journalists, many of whom will be reading your column and my comments shortly. We'll also see just how funny the folks at the WCF think your scribblings are.

----- Original Message -----

From: "Walker,Morley"
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2010 9:24 am
Subject: RE: A Love Letter to Morley Walker
To: Don Sharpe

> Mr. Sharpe:

> Sorry to have offended you, but I was merely attempting some Ann Coulter-style hyperbole!

> If you can't forgive me, I suggest you send your note to letters@freepress.mb.ca. Please include a daytime phone number for verification.

> Nice to hear from a Calgarian. I am Alberta-born and I lived in Calgary from ages 15-20. My mother, sister and brother are still there, plus several high school friends. Calgary is a great place, though I've always thought the political monoculture would get me down.

> Winnipeg has a vibrant left and a vibrant right - makes for a livelier conversation.

> Regards,

> Morley Walker
Arts columnist/Books editor
Winnipeg Free Press
1355 Mountain Ave.
Winnipeg, MB Canada
R2X 3B6
Phone: 204 697-7307
Fax: 204 697-7412
Email: morley.walker@freepress.mb.ca


From: Don Sharpe
Sent: March-28-10 11:44 AM
To: Walker,Morley
Subject: Re: RE: A Love Letter to Morley Walker

Dear Morley,

Forgive you? Absolutely. You are forgiven, Sir.

As you suggested, part of a spirited discussion between left and right.

Thinking you were placing your arrows on the same target as Ms. Coulter, do you?

You've missed the mark entirely, I'd wager you're not even facing the same direction.

Tell you what, I'll make you a deal.

Were you aware that 'morley walker' anagrams to 'yellow remark'?

Publish an apology, and that will remain our little secret.

You can trust me, I'm part of a 'political monoculture' that values keeping their word.

Always a pleasure to speak with someone from the 'Stampede City'! I too grew up here, in Chinook Park, and it certainly has changed over the past 50 or so years. If we're ever in the same city together, I'd love to buy you a beer.

Don S


----- Original Message -----
From: "Walker,Morley"
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2010 11:10 am
Subject: RE: RE: A Love Letter to Morley Walker
To: Don Sharpe

Yellow remark? Thank you for pointing that out. It had never occurred to me to anagram my name.
Publish an apology to Anne Coulter?! Only if she files a complaint with the CHRC!


----- Original Message -----
From: Don Sharpe
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2010 11:28 am
Subject: Re: RE: RE: A Love Letter to Morley Walker
To: "Walker,Morley"

Well Done! That's the Spirit.

Pistols at Dawn!

Don S


There you have it. Gauntlet thrown, challenge accepted.

GSP Crushes Hardy

GSP tries to rip Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy's arm right off!

GSP dominated in all 5 rounds, and he looked like he could have gone another 5 rounds last night. He even apologized to his fans for failing to completely destroy Hardy. To Hardy's credit, his pain tolerance and refusal to give in was amazing.
Is George ready to move up a weight class? Absolutely.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ann Coulter's value can be accurately measured.

"Ann Go Home!"
"Ann contributes nothing to anything!"

Then there's Ann's own personal favorite:

"Whereas Ann Coulter is a hateful woman;
"Whereas she has made hateful comments against GLBTQ, Muslims, Jews and women;
"Whereas she violates an unwritten code of 'positive-space'

Unwritten code of positive space? Is this a joke?
These idiot children spend how many hours on this instead of studying?

Ann Coulter's value to Free Speech and Democracy was evident last night, if you consider nothing else then the fact that she exposed how stupid the average leftist university student is.

Kids came up to the mike during the Q&A one after another, reading carefully crafted paragraphs that prompted Ann to insist, "Do you even have a question? Because if you don't, then rent a room and make your speech there!"

Quoting what Ann calls her 'Top Ten Hits' of out-of-context quotes from OVER A DECADE AGO, these budding intellectuals had the pre-eminent right wing harpy in their sights, and the best they could come up with was quotes first made when they were in elementary school? What a waste of study hall time!

Thanks Ann, for exposing the raw mental horsepower of the typical liberal studies major. My god, the future looks dark indeed.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

University of Ottawa Disgraced - Canadians Shamed.

Ann Coulter's speech last night at the UofO was cancelled by police, who say they couldn't guarantee her safety. BCF has collected all of the relevant eye witness accounts here.

Susan Cole from the rag 'Toronto Now' sums up the left's position on the speech being cancelled in a televised interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News this morning.

SG: "Ann Coulter got exactly what she deserved."
MK: "Why do you believe that."
SG: "I don't think she's an appropriate choice to be speaking on campus' in Canada...We're trying to create an environment which is a safe place to think and learn and I don't think that Ann Coulter contributes to that."
MK: "Here in the United States...we believe the answer to speech you don't like isn't less speech, it's more speech, and that's the bedrock of our 1st Amendment, of which we're very proud."
SG: "We don't have that same political culture here in (Canada)....We don't have a 1st Amendment, we don't have a religion of free speech...."
MK: "Ann Coulter was invited to speak at the University, an invitation she accepted."
SG: "That's true, and it was inappropriate for those who invited her to invite her, because she wasn't going to contribute to an actual conversation, she was mostly going to provoke..."
MK: "When you ask Ann Coulter to speak, you know what you're going to get."
SG: "Have it at a Conservative Think Tank, have it at a lecture hall..."

Let's cut to the end.
SG: "Students sign off on all kinds of agreements as to how they'll behave on campus, in order to respect diversity, equity, all of the values that Canadians really care about. Those are the things that drive our political culture. Not freedoms, not rugged individualism, not free speech. It's different, and for us, it works."
MK:"It is different, not freedoms, and not free speech. Here in American, we had Ahmadinijad come onto the campus of Columbia University and speak, but that's us."

So there you have it. NOT Freedoms. NOT Free Speech. Elected Politicians and Canadian voters don't drive the political culture here, diversity and equity does.

If you're reading this, you're probably to blame. I am as well. The most damage done to the conservative movement since WWII has been done through INACTION.

Watch the whole disgusting clip here.

Ann Coulter is an ACTION HERO, she and Ezra should have their own ACTION FIGURES.

It was general conservative INACTION that allowed the HRC's to proliferate in the first place. Conservatives should have been outraged and reacted in 1979 when radical islamists burned 'Satanic Verses' and put a hit out on Salman Rushdie.

This isn't a game, it isn't a sporting event, it's a war - and this culture is fighting for it's survival.

Why did a majority of Canadians, who were there to hear a speaker, allow this to happen?

I think it's because they believe in the 'rule of law', and the liberal left do not. When told to leave by the police, they did.

So here's a lens through which you can view the state of our culture. Phone your MP's and tell them they're fired, better yet, inform them they're a redundant anachronism, a dinosaur, and that they simply no longer matter.

If Susan Cole is right, then all things can be measured by leftist elites who know better than you or I what is 'appropriate' for us to say or listen to. Everybody relax, Susan knows best, that freedom of thought and speech thing is just too tedious and difficult for the average Canadian.

I've never been embarrassed to be a Canadian, but watching this tyrannical bitch Susan Cole represent all Canadians on Fox News makes it clear I've got some explaining to do.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ann Coulter - Welcome to Canada!

What's the best way to welcome Ann Coulter to Canada?

First, a few of my favorite Coulter quotes:

"I am an American Patriot, if you don't leave Liberals in a sputtering infant rage, you're not doing it right."

"I'm sure liberals will be really tough standing up to terrorists, when a little campaign rhetoric makes them start crying."

"Most people aren't liberal, but they think liberal sounds nice . ... something I'm trying to end."

"Truth be told, I think I'm a moderate, and the rest of the world is crazy."

Second, let's play God Bless America. My favorite rendition, by Martina McBride, sung at the 2002 Rose Bowl Parade.

Welcome Ann, I hope your stay is a pleasant and entertaining one!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hiring an 'Out Of Town Shooter'

It's a shame we have to bring Ann Coulter to Canada in order to clean up the corruption and do our dirty work.

Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, Kathy Shaidle, and too few others have been carrying the free speech flag forward for years now, virtually unassisted by most Canadians.

After hearing that the Federal Conservatives were once again dragging their feet on eliminating the problem of the so-called Human Rights Commissions, it's time to bring in 'Machine Gun Coulter' to clean up the rent-seeking, self-appointed censors running around loose at Canadian Universities.

Nice to have Frankie H. stand up and say, "Me first".
(h/t BCF)

I hope he attends, listens politely and then presents his arguments during the Q&A. Ann will have him thinking he's an extra from 'Last Man Standing'.

Ann's new book 'Guilty' reviewed on CBS (so-called) News last year link here.
Ann sticks her finger deep in Chris Matthews' eye here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ann Coulter is here in Calgary next week . ...

. . . and she's bringing her American Health Care Plan with her.

"My bill will solve nearly every problem allegedly addressed by ObamaCare -- and mine entails zero cost to the taxpayer. A free market in health insurance would produce major tax savings as layers of government bureaucrats, unnecessary to medical service in America, get fired. The market is a more powerful enforcement mechanism than indolent government bureaucrats."

Read the whole bill here, it's 2,199 pages shorter that the Democrats proposed bill.

See Ann Coulter live at the U of C on March 25th.

Update: Seems not everyone is thrilled the International Free Press Society is bringing Ann to Canada, some want her to just stay home. (h/t FFOF)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Immigration Manipulation - Lock all your doors and windows, there's criminals on the loose!

Here's the pattern - repeated again and again as patterns do.
BCF has links to all the news releases and stories
1. Visit Canada
2. Claim refugee status
3. Have Gang ties
4. Participate in Home Invasion Robbery
5. Stab homeowner in face
6. Go to jail
7. Ordered deported
8. Deportation order recinded
9. Threaten jail guards & promote gang behavior

Now a Canada-wide warrant has been issued for Mohamed Said Jama, the Somali refugee slated for deportation last fall but returned to Canada after a failed attempt to remove him.

Canada Border Services Agency spokeswoman Lisa White says, "This case is a priority for CBSA. All Canada Wide Warrants are listed here - TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

Update: Picture of Mo-Jama

Comments on the CBC story here, some of which are hilarious.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dr. M. Wattad - Secular Israeli Arab

It's not often you get to meet a man like Dr. Wattad. Only 29 years old, he's a powerful and knowledgeable speaker, well educated and with a rock solid commitment to rational dialogue about Israel's place in the Middle East.

Born in Israel to Arab parents, Dr. Wattad is proud of both his Arab heritage and his Israeli nationality. He freely admits that he does not agree with everything the Israeli government does, but then, who does believe that everything in their home country is perfect?

That's exactly his point. His lecture at the JCC was a repeat of the one earlier in the day at the University of Calgary, "Israel/Palestine: Self-Criticism and a Vision for Peace in the Middle East", sponsored by the Calgary Jewish Community Center and the Israeli 'Size Doesn't Matter' campaign. This campaign was designed to counter the foolish and dangerous Israeli Apartheid Movement, what Leonard Stern, Editor of the Ottawa Citizen calls a "strange, collective stalking" on university campus's across Canada.

Dr Wattad acknowledges that his Israel is a flawed country, with policies both internally and in foreign affairs that he disagrees with. He also speaks of the collective Arab cultural mindset that prohibits self critism, (example here) and which resides as the root cause of the Arab World's efforts to dismantle and destroy Israel and it's people. Dr. Wattad calls Hamas 'childish' for refusing to align and integrate with the Palestinian Authority, preventing peace and promoting terror for it's own ends.

Dr. Wattad holds a Masters and Doctorate in Law from Columbia University, and a Masters in Law from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also served as a Legal Clerk to the Supreme Court of Israel, and teaches at Zefat Law School. With all his education and intellect, he is a passionate free speech advocate who listened patiently and challenged provocatively all members of the audience during the Q&A session post-lecture.

Thanks to Judy Shapiro and the staff at Calgary JCC for inviting me to hear this lecture, and thanks to Dr Wattad for his truly fearless defence of his home country of Israel, and his rational, thoughtful approach to securing a real peace in his homeland.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Western Liberty vs Islamic Repression

Diana West gives an interview on RT (Russia Today) on the recent success of Geert Wilders PVV party in the Netherlands. Simple, straightforward answers to the usual arguments demonstrating that supporting Freedom of Speech does not have to include tolerating the intolerant behavior of Islamic immigrants.

h/t Gates of Vienna
Listen to the interview and then articulate for yourself how Sharia conflicts with Democracy here in the Canada. Islamic law does spread with the demographic, that's been proven time and again in the EU over the past few years, we can't let it happen here.
Josephine hammers the point home with quotes from Gerard Bouchard, former co-chairman of Quebec's Bouchard-Taylor Commission, "The host country has a duty to accomodate....but not at any price".

"Our culture is better that their culture." Say it out loud, and be proud!

For comparision, watch the trailer for 'Bloody Cartoons' and ask yourself, "What drawings would make you so mad you'd murder your neighbor for publishing them?" Exactly.