Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ann Coulter is coming to Calgary . ....

March 25, 2010
. ... and Ezra Levant will be the opening speaker, introducing Ann after a few short remarks of his own!
Warm up (you might also want to stretch before this event) with Ann's latest missives at

You can get tickets to the VIP reception by emailing Ezra here.

Ann Coulter said last night at the CPAC in Washington "Sarah Palin's created more job than Obama", and took shots at every Democrat on earth, from Joe Biden to Ted Kennedy.
Her speech at CPAC is on CNN video here at the NYmag, a liberal rag that has no qualms about posting her speech unedited, while still bashing her method of delivering the message. Liberals, always surprising!

You don't want to miss Ezra's opening remarks, Ann's lecture, or the Q & A that will follow. 'Balanced' and 'impartial' will be two words not heard the entire evening.

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