Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alberta day with Paul Brandt at the 2010 Olympics

Some fantastic Canadian music in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics!

Tonight Paul Brandt headlines, (right after Canadian Snowboarder Maelle Ricker receives her gold medal) and all day it'll be cowboy hats and Stampede Princesses, with Chuckwagon and Rodeo stars alongside at the Alberta pavilion.

"Each of the Vancouver Victory Ceremonies, which start at 6:25 pm (Pacific Time), begins with a 30-minute show by the host province or territory. Each nightly ceremony is sponsored by a territory or province, starting with British Columbia (February 14), Quebec (February 15), Nova Scotia (February 16), Alberta (February 17), Prince Edward Island (February 18), Northwest Territories (February 19), Yukon (February 20), Nunavut (February 21), Saskatchewan (February 23), Ontario (February 24), Manitoba (February 25), and closing with Newfoundland and Labrador (February 26).
The provincial/territorial show is followed by the athlete medal presentations, which are broadcast to a worldwide audience, wrapping up with an hour-long performance by that night’s headlining act."

True Canadian culture, real western culture, on display for the world to see.

Go Canada!

In addition, it's great to hear some reasonable, informed opinion on the 'Not enough French at the Olympics' debate from Lindsay Blackett, Alberta Culture Minister.

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