Monday, February 1, 2010

Anniversary of the Execution of Daniel Pearl

Today, on the 8th anniversary of the execution of a wonderfully talented journalist and musician, Daniel Pearl. His kidnapping and execution in 2002 was organized by Omar Sheikh, an Islamist, a terrorist, and a British National educated at the London School of Economics.

Today, Nobel prizewinning author Wole Soyinka, has accused England of (still) being a “cesspit” that nurtures terrorism.


Mr Soyinka put the origins of the problem with the fatwa [religious ruling] by the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran against the author Salman Rushdie in 1989, and calls Islam a "virus that has attacked the world of sense and sensibility, (and) preaches an apocalyptic violence".

"6 March 1989"
by Salman Rushdie

Now, misters and sisters, they've come for my voice.
If the Cat got my tongue, lok who-who would rejoice--
muftis, politicos, 'my own people', hacks.
Still, nameless-and-faceless or not, here's my choice:
not to shut up. To sing on, in spite of attacks,
to sing (while my dreams are being murdered by facts)
praises of butterflies broken on racks.


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