Monday, June 27, 2011

Pics from the Front

I've got a nephew on his second tour in Douchebagistan.

Here're some pics from the front, courtesy of 'Weasel Zippers'.

Zip provides war news, updates on Obama's golf game, and keeps his cross-hairs on the enemies of freedom.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

People way smarter than me

Irshad Manji - Allah, Liberty and Love
Review: Non-fiction - Just what is an Islamic reformer?
BY QANTA AHMED - Globe and Mail

Thank goodness they're willing to share their brightness.
I just don't understand the point they're trying to make.

We live in the greatest culture in the world,
and every islamic country seems to be an oppressive shithole.
Why is it more complicated than that?

Thank goodness also for Free Speech!
Maybe I'll learn something,
maybe someday I'll figure it out.
My comments on the article

12:45 PM on June 26, 2011
I am that 'unsophisticated consumer' you speak of, an unrepentant islam-basher, who was looking forward to meeting the one person - Irshad Manji - who's writing on her islamic faith made sense to me. Her focus on individual accountability and moral courage you've ignored in your article.
'Intellectuals, counterterrorism experts and faith-literate Muslims' discount this plain spoken and honest woman at their own risk, she offers what many of us believe is only option to the inevitable war with islam, that option being a swift and thorough enlightenment and modernization of the islamic ideology, started by the silent majority of modern muslims.
Irshad's rheumatoid arthritis has temporarily sidelined her book tour, but I hope she'll be back on the road soon. You and your 'way smarter than the rest of us' pals better pay attention to her message - Westerners are starting to doubt any good will ever come from your so-called 'religion of peace'.

WildRose will Scrap the AHRC

That pretty much guarantees I'll be voting Wildrose in Alberta.“The human rights commissions have discredited themselves”

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daring Kitten Rescue

Captain Israel rescues 'Hello Kitty' from tree.

Ignorant Pali-wallies chased a small but very rare and expensive Japanese kitty up a tree in Israel last week. 
A swift response by Captain Israel once again saved the day.
Israeli superhero The Acidic Jew was standing by in case the Cap'n needed backup . . ....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Progressive Muslims Agree - Israel Will Remain

Irshad's book tour has been cancelled - she's fallen ill, exhausted - with a hx of rheumatoid arthritis she needs to rest and take care of herself.  Imagine having your passion extinguished by a painful and debilitating disease - Get Well Soon!

“The legitimacy of Israel's existence is non-negotiable.  Israel is a legitimate, Jewish majority state.  I applaud Israeli society for its diversity, freedom and commitment to universal human rights.”

There are so many things to love about Irshad Manji and her new book,
'Allah, Liberty and Love'.
Not the least is her committment to Moral Courage.  With frequent (and very relevant) quotes and references to Martin Luther King Jr, she asks hard questions of both muslims as well as christians, jews and atheists.  This could be my counter protest sign at the next Pali-rally - "If I accept your customs, how does that affect the way you treat the most vulnerable members of the group?"

She's cancelled her Toronto appearance, but I hope she's still attending here in Calgary on June 29.

Free Speech - Good or Bad? Discuss . ...

There's nothing like having the other side quit in a fit of pique and storm off.  Priceless.
An excellent discussion of Free Speech hosted here by Kyranus, with input from many members of the blogosphere.  Weigh in, or just enjoy and surf the links.
Here's my latest comment, in which I admit that I could be wrong (always a possibility) which is currently 'awaiting moderation'.    As is so often the case, a tip o' the hat to Mr BCF.
-- K, with all due respect, it’s your use of this particular CRTC regulation in this particular incident that is a weak argument. It’s like you calling 911 because you find a beer can on you lawn in the morning. If the cops come out to your house at all, the nicest thing they’ll do is laugh at you.
Nobody is going to afford you any credibility for alleged ‘crimes’ that are as silly as the one you accuse Ezra of committing. The shred of credibility you retain erodes and disappears completely when you descend to name calling and accusations of insanity.
It’s easy for me to defend free speech like yours when it’s so blatantly contradictory, please buff up your arguments and return with a more coherent and referenced response. I confess that my defence of freedom often includes the more obvious violations by followers of the islamic ideology, which are published in the newspapers. To me, those are REAL CRIMES, but perhaps it’s truly lazy of me to use the grotesque examples such as the UBC professor Rumana Mansur who went home to Pakistan and had her nose bitten off and her eyes gouged and blinded by her jealous husband.
I’d really like your opinion on Mark Steyn’s latest on Free Speech at the Institute of Public Affairs, where he suggests it is the responsibility of the accuser to justify his or her demand for state power to be used to shut down speech they don’t like.
If you continue to denigrate my informed opinion with off topic, loose cannon volleys of wild verbiage, you only embarrass yourself and anyone who would otherwise agree with you.
Here’s to informed opinion and spirited public discourse. Hoorah!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Riot video and picture links

More to come, add your links in the comments.

Just do it for the Gays . ...

Palestine Sucks.

Maybe it's their God?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vancouver rioters busted

This behavior will never happen again, not after social media has finished focusing the rage of individual Canadians. - Here's my letter to waterpolo canada, one of several similar letters written to employers, sponsors and educators involved with the criminals of the Vancouver riot.

Dear Deanna Barry, (

These are difficult days for your organization, no doubt the recent publicity has already damaged the reputation of this terrific sport.  I have watched competitions on more than one occasion at the Talisman Centre here in Calgary, and played on an intramural level many years ago.

What happened in Vancouver was completely unacceptable, the thought that more than one elite athlete from a privileged community of students was so involved is shocking.

Your responsibility, as members of a national organization which represents Canada around the world, is to protect the reputation of the sport, it's players, and all Canadians.  I don't have to detail here your code of conduct from page 38 of your Board Policies, suffice to say that Nathan Kotylk has contravened most of them with his actions last week in Vancouver.

Allowing Nathan Kotylk to continue playing will further tarnish the sport of water polo, worse still, it will set the example for other young athletes that this type of behavior can be conducted without consequence.  Watching his public display of remorse and the reading of his prepared statement of guilt has done nothing to lessen my resolution in this matter.

I hope that your organization takes swift and corrective action in this matter.  Censuring Nathan Kotylk, suspending him from play for at least two years, removing his name from the roster for Olympic tryouts, and encouraging him the seek counselling and make restitution for the crimes he's committed would be an appropriate beginning.

The fans, other athletes and their parents, your many sponsors, provincial partners, Sport Canada and Canadians are no doubt watching to see what your actions in this matter will be.


Irshad Manji - 'Allah, Liberty and Love'

Can you stand by while 'cultural relativists' permit the erosion of your freedom?

Do you think as an individual first, or as part of a group?

Will you listen, and then speak up?

Do you have 'moral courage'?

Irshad is speaking at the Calgary Public Library on June 29.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Morons - who live in houses and drive cars

They're going to protest the 'tarsands'.Hahahahahaha!

Points for Cheerful

Hi Don,
Thank you so much for posting about our project! It means a lot to my team and I :)
To answer your question about where our funding comes from, it comes from grants from the following organizations: Proteus Fund, IIIT, the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, One Nation for All, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the United States Institute for Peace.

I've done some initial research and have provided the first of a series of columns on your project at 'Sharpestick' for my readers.
Could you please provide me with information on where your non-profit organization receives it's funding.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CASHRA 2011 - Calgary Conference

If you felt safer, more secure and fairly treated here in Calgary this week - no surprise.Your human rights 'protectors' were in town - meeting and eating, fussing and discussing all the better ways to spread their version of love around.
Important plenary sessions such as:
Halal and Hate Crimes, is there a (sausage) link?
Immigrants or Aboriginals, who's got more shiny beads?
Religious accomodation at work, does TGIF count?

The CASHRA conference objective?
"To meet, network and engage with people from across Canada who have common interests and goals related to human rights, diversity and inclusion."

I'm sure you'll agree, that's worth the over $200 million of your tax dollars spent each year on this crowd.  Ezra and Kathy expose how rediculous these commissions are . . .... again.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In Defence of Free Speech

Lars Hedegaard’s Address
to a Meeting of Die Freiheit in Kiel, June 11, 2011

"Unfortunately, a growing number of people in our Western societies – and particularly in our governments, in our universities, in the press and among church leaders – think that free speech has become a burden. That it is an affront to the sort of decent and well behaved society they prefer.
 . . ... According to our ruling elites, any criticism of Islam or of unfettered immigration or of the growing trend in our Western countries towards parallel societies should be seen as racism."

We live at a time when free speech is under the heaviest attack we have experienced since the Nazis tried to impose their absolutist rule two generations ago.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


'Planking' in Britain not the same as here in the West.
Koranimal beats the fresh christian outta old muslim buddy.

Real Free Speech

Real Free Speech happens in public.

It happens in Parliament and in the pub.
It happen in magazines and on the internet.

Scary Fundamentalist is a free speech advocate
who understands very well how our freedoms
are eroded by Human Rights Commissions.

HRC's need to to be abolished.
Fire. Them. All.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Saga of The Sea Hitler

Blazing Cat Fur has all the latest on Canada's shame, The Sea Hitler.

First the news that Canada's Boat to Gaza is being sued.

2nd, meet the legal team suing the doomed ship's organizers.

3rd, Brian Lilley interviews Lying Douchebag 'Sea Hitler Captain' Ehab Lotayef.

Finally, a summary to date of the doomed adventures of the Sea Hitler.
I'm torn . . ... between stopping this 'Gilligan's Island II' cast before they leave port, or watching them being sunk to the bottom off the coast of Gaza by the IDF. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

But . . ... muslim isn't a race!

Hey, muslim isn't a race.  I said, MUSLIM ISN'T A RACE!
For crying out loud . ...
Nazi's weren't a 'race',
and neither were communists a 'race'.
Nobody cared if the mufti of jerusalem was an arab,
he was a muslim, and a nazi.

Islam is an ideology, not a race.
It's not a 'religion', and definitely not a 'race'.
Google it!  'muslim is not a race'.
The Calgary Herald article is a joke.
From the title, to the weak ending.
this isn't journalism, it's a joke,
and Carol Ho isn't a journalist, she's a joke.

Just another weak attempt to deflect serious discourse.
Endorsed by the fools in the Alberta Conservative Party.
Guest speaker was U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson, who
specifically requested a PRIVATE meeting with the group
as part of U.S. President Barack Obama's
outreach to Muslim communities worldwide.
Of course the comments are closed!

Muslim Pledge of Allegiance

From the website "My Fellow American" - It's a lovely website, (I've sent a request for information about their funding) and I was asked by Elizabeth Potter of Unity Productions Foundation to submit a review of the 'teaser video'.  There's also an invitation to 'Take the Pledge', which goes as follows:
Muslims are our fellow Americans. They are part of the national fabric that holds our country together. They contribute to America in many ways, and deserve the same respect as any of us. I pledge to spread this message, and affirm our country’s principles of liberty and justice for all.

Then you just have to hit the 'SUBMIT' button . . ... no surprise.
Here's an idea, how about MUSLIMS take a pledge? 
It would go something like this:

"As Muslims we are part of this Western Culture and it's beliefs are our own.  We pledge to contribute to the 'Success of the West', and to earn the respect of those who do not share our faith.  As a Western Muslim, I pledge to:
1. Renounce violence done in the name of Islam.
2. Renounce polygamy.

3. Accept women as equals in society.
4. Accept the separation of church and state.
5. Renounce 'Honor Killings' of family members.
6. Accept non-muslim visitors in open mosques.
7. Renounce all Jihadi and Islamic terror groups.
I pledge to spread this message, and SUBMIT to Western democratic principals of liberty and justice under the rule of law."

It's also not too much to ask that they quit fuckin' whining about dogs and liquor.  What else would you add to the pledge?

While I personally have no problem at all with muslims, I believe that islam is a primitive ideology suitable only for practice by depraved savages, no matter what home culture they reside in.  Unless islam goes through some sort of reformation or enlightenment, it is doomed to fail it's followers.  I do not believe it is even possible to avoid the eventual war with Islam, as Robert Spencer points out,
There's a reason why muslim cultures lag behind.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Better than youtube - MRCTV

Hosting the Conservative Videos that youtube won't.
Like a collection of Death Threats against Sarah Palin.
I'm closing my you-jihadi-tube account,
you can find Sharpestick on MRCTV shortly!

(Thanks BCF for pointing us in the 'RIGHT' direction.)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Futile-la Floatilla, or The Sea Hitler Sails

I hope the IDF sends 'em right to the bottom.
'Ship of fools' - by Michael Coren
If this 'floatbait' had any real courage, they'd send aid ships to Syria.

Afghan MP Fawzia Koofi in Calgary

Licia Corbella was there.

"Even the day I was born, I was supposed to die."
Thus begins the first chapter of
Letters to My Daughters, by Fawzia Koofi,

Andrew Klavan's One State Solution

"Give the Middle East to the Jews"

Friday, June 3, 2011

If Nazi's offered you $2 million . ...

 . ... and all they wanted was to paint a swastika on your house, would you take the money?

Barbara Kay already exposed the folly of taking money from the Muslim Brotherhood on May 11 with her article in 'Campus Watch' titled 'The Dumbing-Down of Due Diligence at Canada's Huron College'.

Sure, two million bucks is more than 15% of their total budget, but what price do you put on your integrity?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Islam is opposed to Freedom

Geert Wilders final remarks to the court - June 1, 2011
Mister President, members of the Court,

I am here because of what I have said. I am here for having spoken. I have spoken, I speak and I shall continue to speak. Many have kept silent, but not Pim Fortuyn, not Theo Van Gogh, & not I.

I am obliged to speak. For the Netherlands is under threat of Islam. As I have argued many times, Islam is chiefly an ideology. An ideology of hatred, of destruction, of conquest. It is my strong conviction that Islam is a threat to Western values, to freedom of speech, to the equality of men and women, of heterosexuals and homosexuals, of believers and unbelievers.

All over the world we can see how freedom is fleeing from Islam. Day by day we see our freedoms dwindle. Islam is opposed to freedom. Renowned scholars of Islam from all parts of the world agree on this. My witness experts subscribe to my view. There are more Islam scholars whom the court did not allow me to call upon to testify. All agree with my statements, they show that I speak the truth. That truth is on trial today. We must live in the truth, said the dissidents under Communist rule, because the truth will set us free. Truth and freedom are inextricably connected. We must speak the truth because otherwise we shall lose our freedom.
BCF has the rest here