Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arguing With a Liberal

If you don't agree, you're a bigot.

You'd have to be crazy to go to this rally.

** Update ** Poll at Jon Stewart's 'bipartisan' rally showed 86% of attendees planned to vote democrat . . .... 1% planned to vote republican.
Jon's 'rally to restore sanity' yesterday featured one of the crazies muslims on earth. Cat 'Yusef Islam' Stevens wins my 'medal for rediculous-ness', making millions as a hippie peacenik who then became a thug in the islamic shakedown game.

Here's bitch-kitty Stevens calling for the death of Salman Rushdie in 1979, just in case anyone forgot which team this moron plays for.

I like to remember Stevens by this album cover, from 1970. The garbage can is a foreshadow of where the 'moonshadow man' was going to end up.
The title of the album? Yusef said then that, "Mona Bone Jakon is another name for my "penis." Now it's 2010, and it's a damn sad day when a hippie looks back on his lost sense of humor.
In the Islamic Republic of Iran, music is haram (forbidden) and he'd at the very least be jailed for performing 'Peace Train' with an infidel like Ozzy Osbourne singing 'Crazy Train'.
Is the irony completely lost on these idiots?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Who's afraid of Richard Warman?

Canada's favorite HRC (Human Rights Clown) is suing a friend of mine for 500K, citing various offences like telling the truth, supporting free speech and my own personal favorite, pointing out the obvious.

Call BCF the 'canary in the coal mine' or 'a flashing beacon on the road to hell' or anything else you want, please support his battle. It's really a fight for all of us. Details on making a donation can be found here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Harper 't Gov't on a roll

Last week they told the U.N. and the U.A.E. to 'pack sand'. Hopefully soon they'll tell Emirates Airlines they can't fly over Canada at all.
Yesterday the gov't laid out a series of reforms it said would go after "ruthless profiteers" who coordinate illegal people-smuggling operations and asylum seekers who "jump the immigration queue."
Now they apparently have an opportunity to slam the door on Omar Khadr's attempted return to Canada. That's a 'hat trick' I'd like to see. Show your support in the Herald comments.

Ezra Levant joins Sun News team

Both Ezra and Krista Erickson were welcomed by Pierre Karl Peladeau, CEO of Quebecor Media Inc., to Sun TV News this afternoon at a luncheon in Calgary.

The times we live in are about to get far more interesting!

No Sharia in Oklahoma - EVER.

On the ballot Nov 2, a proposed amendment to the constitution of the state of Oklahoma forbidding state and local justices from ever considering sharia law (or international law) when making their ruling.

In Western Cultures, we refuse the notion that a religious law has the right to trump the rights of women. The possibility of state courts bowing to sharia law is justifiably alarming

Warsaw Ghetto 1945 = Gaza Strip 2010?

Adbusters is doing their best to draw that conclusion in their Nov 22-28 issue.

Speak your mind, tell them the two aren't even remotely close.

If you are in a store that sells 'Adbusters' magazine:

DO take the magazine up the cashier, open it to the appropriate page and tell the clerk or the owner that “this is antisemitic and shameful,” and walk away.

DO NOT damage the magazine in any way (damaging property is illegal) and DO NOT tell the owner to remove the magazine from the store’s shelves (while this material does not likely breach Canada’s hate laws, Canadians have the right to call it antisemitic and reprehensible).

Substitute this nun for 9 year old Aisha

The clowns at 'Zoo' magazine think they're pretty funny and hip, but they're really just lame and passe.
ZOO Weekly was labelled "disgusting" by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney after a five-page "St Mary Mac and her holy rack" spread which featured a busty model wearing a nun's habit and halo.
A dwarf, dressed as the Pope, is also pictured "blessing" her and her "heavenly hooters".

Show some real 'stones' mate, and print a parody of islam.
C'mon, be really controversial with an opponent that might just kill you, rather than women who spent their lives in service of others..

Liars All?

When you can't trust the police to protect you.
When you can't trust the bureaucrats to have any courage.
When you can't trust the media to be accountable.
When you can't trust the courts to protect society.
When you can't trust teachers to tell your kids the truth.
When you can't even trust the church to do the right thing.
It's not a good time to support a gun registry.

Why Allan West?

Allen West narrowly leads U.S. Rep. Ron Klein in South Florida Congressional Race.

This is why you elect leaders - TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS.

Allen West broke the rules, told the truth, and sacrificed his career - for his soldiers.

''There are rules and regulations, and there's protecting your soldiers,'' Colonel West said, ''I just felt I'd never have to write a letter of condolence home to a 'rule and regulation'."


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Muslim Weasel Words

** Update ** The National Post runs this story on the front page.

Megan Kelly asks CAIR:
"Are you happy now?"

What did Juan Williams say?

“I mean, look, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

I understand why they keep inviting the weasel Hooper to speak but geeez . . ... pass the gravol.

For a little historical perspective on the slagging Juan Williams has had to put up with over the years, you can read this: Why I called Juan Williams a “Happy Negro” on CNN – And why He and Bill O’Reilly Are Not Happy About it. - By Dr. Boyce D. Watkins - 10/23/07 - warning: double up on the gravol.

Meanwhile, in London, Ontario:
Mark Steyn's speaking engagement has been cancelled.
Some reports are that it was pressure from local 'islamic groups', although those charges are so far denied by the LCC representative.

At what point in the near future will your local islamic council be telling you what to do?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calgary's new Mayor - Naheed Nenshi

Calgary's new Mayor is global news.

From the sify news in India, to the London Mosque newsletter.
From the front page of The Ismaili to Qalam, Nenshi is big news in the muslim world.

The one place it seems, where Naheed (pronounced na-head) is today NOT known primarily as a muslim is here in Calgary.
Our western Canadian city seems to have a well deserved 'red neck reputation' everywhere, as we are the home of the Calgary Stampede, The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, and many of us in Calgary don't think of 'red-neck' as being a particularly bad thing.
To us, 'red-neck' means honest, hardworking, intelligent, independent, resourceful, family oriented and fair minded. To an overwhelming number of Calgarians yesterday, that also described Mr. Nenshi.

As Licia Corbella so eloquently points out in her column today, "Albertans are among the most egalitarian, colour-blind, fair-minded people in the country, if not the world. For some reason, (that's) a well-kept secret."

Kevin Libin backs that up in his column in the National Post yesterday, "Race played no part in Nenshi win. During Mr. Nenshi’s five-month drive to the mayor’s chair, which catapulted him from a feeble 8% popularity just one month ago, the subject of his Ismaili heritage and his chestnut hue was scarcely mentioned."

Nenshi himself downplayed his muslim faith, saying "This has not been an issue in the election". Even early on when someone tossed a brick through the window of his campaign headquarters, there was a brief discussion that the incident could be race related, but it was quickly forgotten by Calgarians. We're way past that!

So who is this new Mayor? That's the most interesting question, as only 6 months ago no one had ever heard of him. His two closest rivals in the race both had many, many years of public 'face & name' exposure. It was literally inconceivable at the beginning of this race that he was a contender.

For a closer look at who Nenshi is, as described by his sister Shaheen, watch this short video. For an example of how articulate, intelligent and downright 'red-neck' likeable this guy is, watch him interviewed by a professional reporter here, and in front of a group of undecided voters in a local watering hole here. At the 45:40 mark Naheed discusses briefly his muslim faith, and then expresses his support for the gay pride parade. He compares the parade with the Good Friday 'stations of the cross' parade . . . ... I'll comment more on that another time, but the impression I get is that he's going to be a very secular leader. My Mom even asked me if he's gay, and I told her I didn't care. That's his personal business, and while it would of course affect his world view, it should no more be an issue than his faith in our secular democracy.

So where does Nenshi stand in regard to his 'faith'? As anyone who reads my blog can see, I have no use for islam. I believe it is the single most dangerous issue facing western culture, and it's national leaders world wide are almost all violent, mysoginist retards. There, is that 'red-neck' enough for you?

The ismaili bunch, led by the Aga Khan, seem to be the most overtly peaceful. However as usual, they believe the Qur'an has several layers of meaning, and they generally divide those types of meanings into the following two: the apparent (zahir) meaning and the hidden (batin) meaning. While a 'believer' can understand the batin meaning to some extent, the ultimate interpretation lies in the office of the Imāmate.

The Imām's farmans (teachings) are binding upon the community. In this way, the Ismāʿīlī community can adapt to new times and new places. Oftentimes, the Imam of the Time is known as the "Qur'an e Naatiq" (the "speaking Qur'an"), meaning that he reinterprets the literary text in a way that can be understood for today's times. This is probably the source of the joke, "If islam really teaches that it is a peaceful religion, why are so many it's students flunking the course?" It's the Imam, silly. But we don't even know how often Nenshi attends mosque, if he ever does.

So all in all, I can say I'm happy with the choice that Calgary made, in a democratic, non-violent election that saw over 50% of the civic population cast a ballot. Over 50% voter turnout. This election was clearly important to a lot of people, and the lines at the over 270 polling stations often extended around the block. The fact that his 'muslim-ish-ness' didn't become an issue until after the election is probably more an acknowledgement by Nenshi himself that his 'faith' isn't all that important to him. I actually have some sympathy for him, as he'll probably have some of our more radical imams here in town trying to ingratiate themselves shortly. I hope he sends them packing.

That's the kind of muslim I can live with as Mayor.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Opposing a mosque

L.A Times - Opponents of a new 10,000 sq ft mosque being built in Tennessee filed suit last month.
They charged county officials did not properly notify the community about the proposal, and they argued that Islam is not a valid religion but instead a political cause to force the United States to adopt Muslim laws.

Thomas E. Perez, U.S. Asst Attorney General said local officials have an obligation to treat a mosque the same as a church or synagogue. "It is required by federal law.'', says Perez.

Perez and Jerry E. Martin, the top federal prosecutor in central Tennessee, noted that their decision to intervene comes on the 10th anniversary of a federal law which bars local officials from using zoning or land-use laws to discriminate against religious groups.

Since 2000, the DOJ has opened 51 such investigations, filed seven lawsuits and joined in 40 privately filed suits.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Multi-cultural-ism = FAIL

"You're a RACIST!"

Whatever. Anyone who leads with the 'racist' argument isn't interested in real dialogue. Berlin, Germany (CNN) — "Multiculturalism in Germany has “absolutely failed”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told her party’s youth wing at a conference Saturday.

**UPDATE - Meet some of the benefactors of the Canadian Multi-cult.

Australian U.N. 'Youth Representative'

Who Represents our Youth? Samah Hadid, Australia’s representative to the United Nations Youth Association for 2010

Al Age’s Good Weekend September 18th featured a youth issue, which included an article about the Aussie 2010 Australian Youth Representative to the UN.
In case you’re imagining your typical friendly outgoing Aussie, let me reassure you that in our glorious multicultural society, a Muslim woman complete with hijab is our chosen representative.
Given that Muslims comprise only 2% of our population, and Muslim females presumably roughly half that amount, you could be forgiven for asking why choose someone who speaks for only 1% of our youth.

Let’s hear more about Samah Hadid: a 22 year old human rights advocate from Bankstown, Sydney’s West, she is completing her Masters in Human Rights Law and Policy at the University of New South Wales, and in her spare time is a performance artist writing a play called The Burqa Monologues.

This busy lass is the Youth Representative on the Australian National Commission for UNESCO and a member of Amnesty International’s Diversity Steering Committee.

Samah co-wrote an article about the burqa in which she claimed Muslim women’s rights were being sacrificed to score cheap political points:

It seems a prerequisite for selection is promoting global citizenship, just like the UN does. Personally, I would hope our youngsters would support democracy rather than a One World Government. (Australian Islamist Monitor)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blazing Cat Fur: Imam Zijab Delic Defenders Dissed Decisively

Blazing Cat Fur: Imam Zijab Delic Defenders Dissed Decisively
David B. Harris of INSIGNIS Strategic Research delivers!

2/3 of Canadians think their neighbors are idiots

Be Afraid!
A new poll shows 2/3 of Canadians agree that the long gun registry will keep us safe - from each other. Well thank god, because lately 'you people' have been scaring the hell out of me.

Mostly it's those of us in Alberta that don't mind our neighbor having a gun, 'cause it's usually a really nice gun and she'll often let me have a go with it at the range.

The Quebec-ists really hate guns, mostly they know their neighbors are crazy so having a bunch of guns in your voisinage doesn't make any sense at all.
"This has very substantive resonance and support across the country", Ipsos Reid senior vice-president John Wright said Tuesday of the registry. (He also rubbed his hands together and thought of all the wonderful money they gave him to do this poll . . .... and the next poll sponsored by those 'right wing gun nuts'. His phone isn't ever going to stop ringing if he does this right.)

The Calgary Herald says this poll indicates Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is 'running counter to public opinion' with his quest to kill the registry. This must be true, because when you work as hard as they have to try and shape something as difficult as a Canadian Public Opinion, you'd expect everyone to run directly towards it.
So here they are, stuck with Harper's (True) Leadership, and joining with the media who oppose him are the Supreme Council of Canadian Police Chiefs . . ... who accepted what was nothing short of a $115,000 bribe from CGI, the makers of the computer software that controls the gun registry . . ... which they used to take their wives to a Celine Dion concert on Aug 25/10. Who can blame them? Being a Supreme Policeman is probably pretty exhausting, what with all of the 'this & that' you have to do every day.

But back to the poll. I don't think they asked any of the Indians (sorry, FNP's) what they thought, because way back in September (2 weeks ago) the Supreme Council of Saskatchewan Indians (alright! FNP's) said they wanted to be exempt from registering their firesticks. That would be pretty funny, if they had all the guns and fishing rights and free education and tax exempt gasoline and free housing and can hunt any time of year and get free admission to the Calgary Stampede and wear those cool headdresses. . ...

Right, right . ... the poll. Watching the Liberals and NDP flipitty-flop on the vote to either keep, ban, or just paint all guns pink was the best part. That darn Harper, you just know he's going to point out to the voters what a bunch of dithering sissies they were in the next election. It's like the Layton crowd was pulling petals off a daisy - "I like guns . ... They scare me . ... I like guns . ... They scare me . ..."

OK, back to the poll. I didn't see them say how it divvied up re: Men vs. Women. Or how many respondents drove a pick-up vs. a beemer. How many who answered had ever done time in the crowbar hotel, or conversely had ever been a victim of a violent crime? What about dog owners vs. cat owners? How many ever saw more than 7 episodes of 'Matlock'?

How many of the respondents were asked the question this way . . ..."The federal gun registry has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and has done nothing to take guns away from criminals - So are you stupid enough to believe it's working, working a little bit, not working very well, or working really, really well for the people who want to control your life?"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tarek Fatah - the only muslim spokesman who makes any sense

I went to see Mr Fatah speak at the U of C last night, sponsored by the Center for Inquiry. Mr Fatah is an knowledgeable and entertaining speaker, engaging the crowd with comments like; "Ask me anything, don't be afraid of offending me, I'm sick of political correctness!"

Mr Fatah identifies himself as a practicing muslim, and described his time at mosque on Friday's as 'frequently something you'd see on Saturday Night Live'.

"There's alway some fat guy saying 'Straighten the prayer line!' and whenever you stand up, 'Move forward please, shoulders touching!', or 'No clapping, brother. You invite Satan in when you clap!'" There were times last time when the crowd was literally roaring with laughter. None laughed harder than the 3 hijab wearing muslim girls sitting two rows behind me.

Tarak Fatah says what's missing from the muslim culture is a sense of humor. Speaking of Mollie Norris, who started the whole 'draw mohammed day controversy, he said, "I was facebook friends with Ms Norris, it is very sad what happened to her." Adding this to what I knew of Mr Fatah from his books, blog and CTV interviews with a CAIR representative, I can say that I found him quite likeable.

I also wonder why he's:
A. Still alive.
B. Still a muslim.
He read out loud his latest email death threat last night, from 'e-mat', and even asked the crowd 'If Mr. e-mat is in the room, could he please indicate himself'. Tarek scoffed at 'e-mat's handle', saying it was probably a westernized version of his arabic name, invented so he could 'look cool and get chicks'.

Mr Fatah attempted to convince the crowd that there were two groups of people, practically unrelated to each other. He described one group as muslims, and the other as islamists, who are really 'islamic-facists'. He stated that imam's across Canada started every Friday prayer off with the phrase, 'Allah grant us victory over the kuffar', saying the quote is always read in arabic, so most of the congregation don't even know what's being said. According to him, most muslims haven't read the Koran, and are just like many westerner's in Christian churches, they can't wait for the service to end so they can get out of there and back to their lives.

Tarak Fatah spoke to the athiest's in the crowd, saying "I don't know how you do it, I've tried, and after a day or so I have to pray or I start to shake!" Mr. Fatah is a learned scholar regarding the koran and the history of mohammed, and skillfully answered detailed questions from members of the audience regarding those topics, none of which interested me.

The most memorable statement from last night was,"muslims are stuck in the 13th or 14th century, and are still waiting for their Martin Luthur King." He says that "most muslims are held hostage by their mullah's participation in the 3 most important passages in their lives; the birth of their children, the marriage of their children, and the death of their mothers."

Muslims would be "better served weeding out the islamist leaders in their midst", according to Mr Fatah, "rather than trying to convince non-muslims that collectively they mean us no harm". Mr Fatah has no time for the liberal handwringers and multiculturalists, who he says 'buy in' to all of the excuses and grievances these islamic-facists bring to every argument about Islam.

Tarek spoke with great sadness and compassion about Aqsa Parvez, honor killings, and the poor woman from Indonesia who was caned last week for selling vegetables 1 hour before the official end of ramadan. He spoke of his defence of Maclean's Magazine from the so-called human rights commission, and the importance of a secular democracy. "Every time Islam becomes political, people die". He spoke of his distaste of sharia law, stating "nobody wants it, not even in islamic countries, (unless they're the ones in power)."

Tarek confirmed my feelings last night that western civilization is in steep decline, and that muslim leaders are a bunch of violent retards. "You live here in the west in a mansion your parents gave you, and you're renting out rooms for a $1,000 dollars a night to people who only want to destroy you. You get more worked up over a bunch of gladiators on ice skates fighting with sticks than you do about your democracy."

This morning as I write, the CTV news top 4 stories are:
-Muslim leader of the Toronto 18 is going to have his bail revoked,
-Muslim bomber will be sentenced for trying to blow up Times Square,
-Muslims bomb Nato trucks for the 4th time in Islamabad, and
-Muslims kill 3 NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

Hopefully we can all get our collective western heads out of the 1st world feeding trough long enough to look around and see how dangerous our world is becoming. There are some bad, bad people out there who literally want to kill us all, Tarek Fatah remains the only reasonable muslim spokesperson I've ever heard of. Why he is still a muslim remains a mystery to me. Why he's hasn't been murdered by the humorless islamic-facists he so clearly points out is a miracle.