Monday, July 13, 2009

Seriously, can you smell that?

Stephen Taylor exposes how the CRTC lied to Parliment and all Canadians, documenting their omission of the following section from the final report, 'Review of broadcasting in new media'. At what point can an employee post the logo of the Federal Government on a document that isn't true, and get away with it?

Here's the section of the final report the CRTC omitted:
“The history of the regulation of speech in this country does not engender confidence that such powers will be used wisely. Canada has experienced several instances in recent times where regulatory commissions of another type and armed with a different mission have challenged the right to say controversial things.
The struggles of Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and others have served as important warnings that regulatory authorities charged with combating racism, hatred, and other evils have consistently expanded their mandates, have abused their powers and eroded fundamental liberties.
Wherever there is official orthodoxy, disagreement is heresy, and where there is heresy, there is usually an inquisition to root it out. After centuries ridding ourselves of thought control agencies, 20th century Canada re-invented them.”

If you're going to lie and fudge a federal report, then put it on Canadian coat-of-arms letterhead, you might as well wrap fish in it. That's all it's good for. Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn must be making some folks at the CRTC nervous . . .... now why would that be?

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