Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our trip to Israel - Part 7

Now we're on a roll! Bunked up at the Bell Boutique Hotel just a block from the beach in Tel Aviv, we're where the action is!  Okay, it's a little noisy, but we're here to see it all.  Our first stop today is the Better Place Visitor Centre - this electric car project is Amazing!  We were allowed to test drive one of the new electric Renault sedans, very quiet, luxurious and fast!  Whooo Hoooo!!! 
Then it's off to the Latrun Armored Museum.  Huge display of tanks from every era of Israel's history.  Soldiers only too happy to show off their vehicles and practice their English.  Again, we left our deets when they said they'd like to come to Canada when their military service time is over.
This day was also Memorial Day, and everywhere we went we were able to witness the reverence Israeli's have for their war dead.  Latrun was no different, as these young men stood at attention beside their 'Wall of Remembrance' during our visit.
The Latrun Trappist Monastary is right across the road, and Ayalon (Canada Park) is a beautiful big acreage for picnics and camping just north a couple of miles across the main highway. 
Then it's a short drive to the Ayalon Bullet Factory Museum, where 8 meters underground, just before 1948 war of Independence the kids at the Ayalon kibbutz produced over 2.4 MILLION rounds of 9mm ammunition right under the noses of the British.  Fantastic tour and story, lots of time for questions and to marvel at what these early settlers accomplished.

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