Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our trip to Israel - Independence Day!!

Independence Day means Airshow at the Beach, Dancing, and a Nationwide Party!!  Beautiful day!
Everywhere along the Beach Promonade is a party.
This is a great day to tour Independence Hall. We met a very nice modern Orthodox family.
Is it time to go shopping?  Well, some people can't imagine a time when it's not . ...
Then we run into some Anti-Fur, Anti-Canadian Seal Hunt Protesters . . ... say what? Right in downtown Tel Aviv. Free Speech and all, it makes me want to stop and discuss their views with them. Donna's dragging me away, saying, "Just leave it alone, we're on vacation!" Hilarious, these kids have no idea what it's like to be hungry and cold on 'The Rock' of Nfld.
All in, a fabulous day, and the night!!  Left the camera at home...  Fun, Food and Dancing!


  1. Those pictures are absolutely magnificent. Brilliant combination of winter and summer, some nice mountains in the background. Did you study photography somewhere? I especially like the first picture. Shows the true authenticity of the place.

  2. Thanks!
    Just a tourist with a Canon G7 . ...
    and a love of Israel!
    Out of 964 pictures I did get some decent shots.