Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our trip to Israel Part 4

Is it time to talk about the food yet?  OMG the food in Israel is fantastic.  Breakfasts at every single place we stayed was magic.  Lots of fresh veggies, spicy yogurt and fruit, and 'Shakshuka' - a hot breakfast of salsa-style tomato & peppers with an egg cooked in the center.  The huevos rancheros of the East!  One of our favorite restaraunts in Jerusalem was Pasha's, at 13 Sheikh Jarrah.  We absolutely destroyed and entire table filled with delicious kabob and side dishes.  Smoking is OK, and after dinner relax with some shisha!.
Part of the reason the food is so good has to be because it's so fresh!  Local produce is delicious, and the spice market is the envy of every cook I know!
Be sure to stop at any of the fresh juice street vendors, and the tables filled with nuts and nougat. The perfect pocket snack for an urban day hike.
When you're out and about you're going to run into a lot of soldiers.  These young men and women are from all over Israel, most speak excellent english, are very friendly.  We found they were always terrific ambassadors for Israel, and enjoyed chatting with us.  No soldier will ever accept a ride from other than official gov't vehicles, as the risk of kidnapping is still very, very high.  Cafes, pedestrian malls and public transit were the places we always found a friendly smile and great conversation with these young adults.

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