Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30 - Buy Israeli Goods Day!

Several times a year, groups claiming to 'support palestine' attempt to do so by encouraging Canadians to boycott retail outlets that either sell goods made in Israel, or support Israel in other ways.  They think they know better than you where you should be allowed to spend your money.  In the past, they've boycotted Mountain Equipment Co-op and various stores selling Israeli made shoes.
This month, their target is Indigospirit Books and Music Inc.  In Calgary, the SPHR (based on campus at the University of Calgary) will be protesting outside the downtown location on Stephen Avenue Mall, near 7 Avenue and 4 Street S.W.

For one hour starting at noon, they'll attempt to persuade lunchtime shoppers not to buy anything from this store.  They'll stand outside with their signs, wearing red and black clothing, some with their keffiyeh (black/white terror scarf) around their necks. 

What is Indigospirits crime?  The owners use their own money to provide HESEG foundation scholarships to 'Lone Soldiers', who are non-Israeli-born Jews without family in Israel who go to the country to serve in the Israeli Defence Force.  HESEG foundation also provides air conditions to cool bomb shelters in neighborhoods at the greatest risk from rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas terrorists.
Make no mistake, these people are trying to intimidate Calgarians, both those who work at the store as well as those who support them, into believing that we who support Israel are criminals.  The staff, the authors whose work they sell, and the other retailers in the mall don't want anything to do with them.

In a free market, companies advertise unique products or services, employ earnest and knowledgeable employees and spend many hours designing comfortable and accessible store locations.  Indigospirit has done all of those things, and they employ thousands of people who enjoy working there, and count on the paycheck they receive to pay their bills.  Now a group of pampered and misguided youth from the local university funded campus group are going to leave their tax funded shelter and attempt to disrupt the livelihood of our neighbors and friends.  All because they don't agree with how a successful private Canadian citizen chooses to spend their own hard-earned money in Israel, the only real and true democracy in the entire Middle East.  (ht BCF)

So if you're available today from noon 'till one, come on down to Indigospirit on 8th Avenue SW, just east of 4 Street - buy a book, support local commerce, support freedom - support Israel.

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