Saturday, November 28, 2009

Calgary MEC protest - weak!

Dear Israeli MEC protesters,
Thank you for the informative brochure. It conveniently listed all of the Israeli made products Mountain Equipment Co-op has available for purchase. As a member of MEC since the early '90's, I was not aware how many different, quality Israeli made products they sold!
I purchased some 'MEC brand' seamless underwear and a 'Source-Vagabond' water bottle. Upon leaving the store I spoke briefly with the lady with the big sunglasses who had handed me the pamphlet, and showed her the items I had purchased.
She said, "It's amazing how all of you people who support Israel are compelled to come up and insult me by showing me the products you bought when you leave the store."
I explained that I felt insulted that she would approach me with her pamphlet telling me what I shouldn't buy. Her fellow protester walked away during the discussion, and the woman herself said she didn't want to discuss it with me any further.

How is it, that you can hand out pamphlets, and then refuse to discuss the issue? It was heartening to hear that there have been many like me purchasing Israeli made products and then stopping to discuss the purchase with the protesters. The police who were present were very polite, maintaining their sense of humor while acknowledging that the protesters do have the right to free speech, something that I support as well. So to close, we'll all look forward to your next protest, and view it as another opportunity to support Israel with our attendance and purchase of the many fine products which are made in Israel. I'll also be voting to support Israel at the next election of board members for MEC.