Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Canucks hate Obama

What a ridiculous statement.

Not because it isn't true at my house . . ...

However 'Canucks hate Obama' is no worse than the poll results released from the Historica-Dominion.

"48% of Canadians feel 'at home' when they visit the U.S.A."
Really? Almost half of us feel 'at home' when we're 'not at home'?
How many of us feel like we're in our own car when fly in a plane?
Do Canadians ever feel like they're on TV when they watch TV?

HD seemed like a pretty good bunch at first glance. They self-promote as 'the country’s leading advocate of memory, identity and democracy, dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of Canada’s history and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship'.

Yet Andy Cohen, president of HD, asked poll questions that somehow translate into 'most Canadians like Obama' and 'Most Canadians think Obama didn't deserve the Nobel Prize, except in Quebec ,(figures, thought we had a winner there for a minute)'yet the same number of Canadians think 'our (comparative values) haven't changed in the last 4 years' . . ... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Andy states, "“There really does appear to be a hardy strain of anti-Americanism in Canada. Almost half of us don’t feel at home there, which is surprising given all that we have in common as two peoples. Almost half of us don’t believe America is a force for good in the world, even with Obama as President.”

Holger Awakens broke the initial story via Brietbart on Nov 1, before even HD 'got it up' the next day.

I'm going right out tomorrow and buy an American Flag, and Steven Crowder's 'Silly Canadians' is a must watch . . .... again.

HD is encouraging dissent against Canada's greatest friend and neighbor, using nebulous (as in hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused) poll data, and lots our tax dollars, no doubt. Anyone with more info on this 'Historical Organization', which apparently was incorporated 2 months ago, please post in the comments.

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  1. I do not hate Obama but I sure do not have any use for him either. That does not make me anti USA either. As you say they are our neighbors and damned good ones too. It is just Obama that ain`t worth dick all.