Sunday, December 6, 2009

HRC Boissoin decision ridiculed by Queen's Bench

Wondering if I'll ever be as clear, succinct and brave as Kathy Shaidle.
"Why should I be thrilled that some dude in a high chair and a black robe has been sufficiently cowed by people like me bitching at him, that he's now going to "grant" us something that is rightfully ours anyway?"

"The significance of (their) oversights cannot be overstated", quoted from page 7 of the decision by Justice E.C. Wilson. (h/t BCF)

Gerald Chipeur, lawyer for Stephen Boissoin, provides his summary analysis of the judgement here, at Freedom Through Truth. Mr. Chipeur writes "The decision of the Alberta Human Rights Commission to withdraw from the case suggests that the Commission learned from Dr. Lund's mistake."

For background watch Ezra Levant, (himself a victor over the HRC) explain the issue on the Michael Coren show, and at a fundraising dinner which my wife and I attended at the ECP Center in Calgary earlier this year.

"This is an incredible victory for freedom of speech and for all Albertans who want to share their opinions on the social and moral issues of our day," said Boissoin in the Calgary Herald.

Darren Lund, who originally filed the action against Stephen Boissoin almost 7 years ago, had this to say: "If our human rights laws say that writing like this is OK, that is very detrimental to creating safe communities, we are trying to create inclusive communities and this takes away the tools at our disposal and puts very vulnerable people at greater risk. It makes you wonder what are the reasonable limits on hate speech in Alberta?"

It seems pretty clear, the limits of hate speech are found in the Criminal Code, not in any HRC workbook. As Freedom Through Truth observes, the HRC initiative was 'ultra vires' (beyond their powers) regarding this case, or any of the others like it.

Hey Darren, these safe communities you're worried about are built by responsible, involved citizens. Safe communities are not built by the leftist elite sitting on commissions exercising over-arching powers that were granted in error by idiot burearcrats with no respect for the people they serve.

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  1. Wow, Don, tell us what you really think.

    I really like your last paragraph. I think that Justice Wilson might be largely in agreement with you, but he is required to couch his feelings in some sort of legal correctness.

    He had a gentle way of calling Lori Andreachuk the now exfiltrated HRC Commissar, a flaming lunatic. She has, of course, after her stunning earlier victory for thought control, moved on the the Alberta Health Services where she can bring hopey change to health care.

    Unfortunately, the U of Calgary has Darren Lund sharing his brand of free speech (free - if he agrees with it) with students learning to be teachers at the Faculty of Education. What a wilting thought that is.