Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarah Palin makes sense . ... again.

The UN “no-fly zone” imposed over Libya is working – and it's not only without precedent but puts in formal terms exactly what Governor Sarah Palin stated three weeks ago should have been America’s response to the political and humanitarian crisis now unfolding there.

Pam Geller at 'Alas Shrugs' says it best: "Sarah Palin overwhelms me. She does everything right and decent and good. It is no coincidence that she is right on every issue. Energy, small government, economics, foreign policy -- she nails it.   She is an extraordinary American, and the more they try to insult and demean her, the larger she looms. I pray she runs -- I really do. She could turn this hot mess around -- I believe few could, but she can."

Governor Palin and her family are in Israel today, touring historic sites before joining Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara at their official residence in Jerusalem for dinner.
Latest news and pictures of the next President of the United States here.

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