Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Racism Free Edmonton

What can YOU do to stop racism?
Acknowledge your 'white privilege'.

Racism Free Edmonton has made multiple efforts since Monday Nov 8 to erase all trace of the above page, and even issued a backhanded and insulting apology for it's contents.

Here's another tip from the race obsessed bigots in Edmonton. Parents - Hang pictures of strangers in your home.
•Visuals. The pictures and other visual representations in our homes should truly be multiracial. Children learn a lot from what they see in their home environment.

On the left is a picture of one of my 'multi-racial' heros.

One of the big(ot) pushers of this campaign is Amarjeet Sohi. 'AJ' had his feelings hurt when he first moved to Canada, so now he'd like to share that pain with the rest of us.
Edmonton City Council member Sohi whined to the Edmonton Sun, “Everyone should feel proud of their own culture or heritage. But one is not more superior than another.”
What a load of crap. Western Culture is far superior to the 'culture of slavery' that is modern day Iran or Saudi Arabia. Sohi later stated the wording doesn't quite capture the message organizers are trying to convey. "We need to broaden it," Sohi told CTV News. "I think we will broaden it." How about we need to throw the whole racist effort in the dumpster?

In Pakistan they're planning to execute a young Christian woman for the crime of blasphemy, how superior is that?

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