Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ezra Levant - Speaking on Ethical Oil at SIFE

It's pretty hard to argue that "The Alberta Oilsands are a bad thing" when you're sitting in a brand new, warm university building, your SUV parked in the lot, your dinner ready on the stove in your safe, warm home . . .... but some people will still try. Ezra Levant is more than ready to convince them they're wrong.

Ezra presented his four liberal criteria from his latest book 'Ethical Oil' for judging the oilsands, and then asked the question, "If not Alberta Oilsands oil, then what? What's in your gas tank?" He makes a valid point. Country of origin labelling is available on many consumer items, and while you might be impressed with a Canadian beef label, you'd be less thrilled to buy goods with 'Chinese baby food' or 'Saudi terror-funding gasoline' labels.
While many Greenpeace-employed activists like Andrew Nikiforuk would have us all walking through the snow while we wait for the perfect energy source to replace our dependence on fossil fuel, Ezra invites us to celebrate our culture as a western oil producing democracy.
After all, "Oil is Life". It powers our successful 1st world economy, employs hundreds of thousands of Canadians from coast to coast with above average wages regardless of their gender or skin color, and without which a surplus in the Canadian federal budget would not have been possible over the past 10 years.

"Modesty may be a great personal quality, but it is a definite disadvantage for any Country", says Ezra. He'd like to see us double, triple, even quadruple the amount of oilsand production, in order to "take more market share away from the bastards of the world". Oilsands revenue currently brings in over 100 million dollars A DAY to Canada just from the U.S., and the people of India and China are currently eyeing our lifestyle with envy . . ... they all want to be two-car families as well!
Thanks to the SIFE group at the Mount Royal University School of Business who hosted Ezra for his presentation and Q&A session on the ethics of our Alberta Oilsands.

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