Monday, November 15, 2010

It's not easy being the TRUTH.

The Truth is taking a beating lately. If not outright lying to Canadians, many groups are obfuscating the truth, changing history, or coloring existing conditions to suit their own agendas.

Students Union / University of Western Ontario decided that on Remembrance Day, rather than honor the fallen, they'd sing 'Imagine' by John Lennon and have white poppies that symbolize 'peace without war', rather than the traditional red poppies because they 'glorify violence'.

Jennifer Lynch / Canadian Human Rights-Abuse Commission was discovered to have spent $167.000 spinning the media while persecuting Macleans magazine and Mark Steyn for hate speech. That's hiring liars with your money, to tell you lies, that further her goals of social manipulation and control of your life.

Charlene Hay / Center for Race and Culture accuses all white folk of racism, and demands that we either acknowledge our 'white privilege' or be found guilty of the crime of perpetuating racism, sentence being that you will be called a 'racist!' loudly and repeatedly until changing your mind and doing as you were told.

Amarjeet Sohi / Racism Free Edmonton jumped on the 'white privilege' bandwagon, and their embarrassing backpedalling and efforts to disappear parts of their website down the internet memory hole were a fine example of the truth being manipulated, scorned and then hidden.

The United Nations / Russian, Iran, China etc now say they want to control the internet. What could go wrong when a group whose membership mostly do not fall into the 'democratic, free economy nation' category decide they want to limit the last place where you can publish they truth?

I could go on . . ... and on and on and on and on . . ... but until they invent a Truth Machine, they really ought to leave the internet alone.

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