Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chilling and Rediculous

What's rediculous is Khurram Sher's Canadian Idol tryout, and the name of the sting operation: Project Samosa. This sounds more like a Mel Brook's film than a serious terrorist cell.

Wholly chilling is the silence echoing from the mainstream muslim community. Stephen Harper gives them all a pass, stating "these are not the acts of a community." Well, hang on.

The links from the members of this terrorist cell to the mainstream muslim community and charities that finance weapons that are being used against Canadian troops overseas are becoming pretty clear.

The group has issued instructions not to co-operate with the Police investigation, not to speak to the media, and of course, to continue to "make du'a" (pray and donate to the jihad).

For a primer in how terror cells have grown in Canada, and why we should be concerned about what is being preached in our local mosques, read: How terror came home to roost - and - This is our future, both from the Ottawa Citizen.

There is real danger in demissing the absurd, which may be what most of us want to do after watching the rediculous videos of these schmucks. But we do so at our peril.

The Canadian Islamic Congress in their news release seems more concerned for the possible 'backlash' against muslims than they are about Canadians being blown up. Does that sound like a group that's trying to 'fit in' to our culture? Not exactly.

Tarek Fatah profiles these misfits and admits even he has a hard time understanding exactly what their motivation is. Meanwhile, Calgary Herald reader Riazuddin Ahmed rails against 'fear mongering about some unknown agenda' in her letter to the editor on August 11, just before this latest Canadian terror plot was exposed. For those of us paying attention, the agenda is well known. It is the agenda of jihad, triumphalism and a world wide caliphate.

It isn't 'Islamophobia' if they really are trying to kill you.

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