Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vancouver rioters busted

This behavior will never happen again, not after social media has finished focusing the rage of individual Canadians. - Here's my letter to waterpolo canada, one of several similar letters written to employers, sponsors and educators involved with the criminals of the Vancouver riot.

Dear Deanna Barry, (

These are difficult days for your organization, no doubt the recent publicity has already damaged the reputation of this terrific sport.  I have watched competitions on more than one occasion at the Talisman Centre here in Calgary, and played on an intramural level many years ago.

What happened in Vancouver was completely unacceptable, the thought that more than one elite athlete from a privileged community of students was so involved is shocking.

Your responsibility, as members of a national organization which represents Canada around the world, is to protect the reputation of the sport, it's players, and all Canadians.  I don't have to detail here your code of conduct from page 38 of your Board Policies, suffice to say that Nathan Kotylk has contravened most of them with his actions last week in Vancouver.

Allowing Nathan Kotylk to continue playing will further tarnish the sport of water polo, worse still, it will set the example for other young athletes that this type of behavior can be conducted without consequence.  Watching his public display of remorse and the reading of his prepared statement of guilt has done nothing to lessen my resolution in this matter.

I hope that your organization takes swift and corrective action in this matter.  Censuring Nathan Kotylk, suspending him from play for at least two years, removing his name from the roster for Olympic tryouts, and encouraging him the seek counselling and make restitution for the crimes he's committed would be an appropriate beginning.

The fans, other athletes and their parents, your many sponsors, provincial partners, Sport Canada and Canadians are no doubt watching to see what your actions in this matter will be.


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