Saturday, June 4, 2011

Futile-la Floatilla, or The Sea Hitler Sails

I hope the IDF sends 'em right to the bottom.
'Ship of fools' - by Michael Coren
If this 'floatbait' had any real courage, they'd send aid ships to Syria.


  1. Hey Don,

    I was just responding to a comment and was going to make a statement along the lines of Coren's, but then I found the Egyptians closed Rafah today.

    BTW, I don't supposed you've actually bumped into this guy.

  2. Michael was here in Calgary at 'Unbound' - a bible study workshop at Ambrose College - in May. We tried to connect but were unsuccessful. But since we're both young . . .... hopefully soon!

  3. Wait . ... you meant RR - Ha!
    Nope, never spotted him, unless he's been in one of the small crowds of Pali-protesters at Indigo Books we've taunted.