Wednesday, June 8, 2011

But . . ... muslim isn't a race!

Hey, muslim isn't a race.  I said, MUSLIM ISN'T A RACE!
For crying out loud . ...
Nazi's weren't a 'race',
and neither were communists a 'race'.
Nobody cared if the mufti of jerusalem was an arab,
he was a muslim, and a nazi.

Islam is an ideology, not a race.
It's not a 'religion', and definitely not a 'race'.
Google it!  'muslim is not a race'.
The Calgary Herald article is a joke.
From the title, to the weak ending.
this isn't journalism, it's a joke,
and Carol Ho isn't a journalist, she's a joke.

Just another weak attempt to deflect serious discourse.
Endorsed by the fools in the Alberta Conservative Party.
Guest speaker was U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson, who
specifically requested a PRIVATE meeting with the group
as part of U.S. President Barack Obama's
outreach to Muslim communities worldwide.
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