Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free Speech - Good or Bad? Discuss . ...

There's nothing like having the other side quit in a fit of pique and storm off.  Priceless.
An excellent discussion of Free Speech hosted here by Kyranus, with input from many members of the blogosphere.  Weigh in, or just enjoy and surf the links.
Here's my latest comment, in which I admit that I could be wrong (always a possibility) which is currently 'awaiting moderation'.    As is so often the case, a tip o' the hat to Mr BCF.
-- K, with all due respect, it’s your use of this particular CRTC regulation in this particular incident that is a weak argument. It’s like you calling 911 because you find a beer can on you lawn in the morning. If the cops come out to your house at all, the nicest thing they’ll do is laugh at you.
Nobody is going to afford you any credibility for alleged ‘crimes’ that are as silly as the one you accuse Ezra of committing. The shred of credibility you retain erodes and disappears completely when you descend to name calling and accusations of insanity.
It’s easy for me to defend free speech like yours when it’s so blatantly contradictory, please buff up your arguments and return with a more coherent and referenced response. I confess that my defence of freedom often includes the more obvious violations by followers of the islamic ideology, which are published in the newspapers. To me, those are REAL CRIMES, but perhaps it’s truly lazy of me to use the grotesque examples such as the UBC professor Rumana Mansur who went home to Pakistan and had her nose bitten off and her eyes gouged and blinded by her jealous husband.
I’d really like your opinion on Mark Steyn’s latest on Free Speech at the Institute of Public Affairs, where he suggests it is the responsibility of the accuser to justify his or her demand for state power to be used to shut down speech they don’t like.
If you continue to denigrate my informed opinion with off topic, loose cannon volleys of wild verbiage, you only embarrass yourself and anyone who would otherwise agree with you.
Here’s to informed opinion and spirited public discourse. Hoorah!

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  1. This was completely off my radar. Missed it completely. Had to post a comment at the Dhimmi's site.