Sunday, June 26, 2011

People way smarter than me

Irshad Manji - Allah, Liberty and Love
Review: Non-fiction - Just what is an Islamic reformer?
BY QANTA AHMED - Globe and Mail

Thank goodness they're willing to share their brightness.
I just don't understand the point they're trying to make.

We live in the greatest culture in the world,
and every islamic country seems to be an oppressive shithole.
Why is it more complicated than that?

Thank goodness also for Free Speech!
Maybe I'll learn something,
maybe someday I'll figure it out.
My comments on the article

12:45 PM on June 26, 2011
I am that 'unsophisticated consumer' you speak of, an unrepentant islam-basher, who was looking forward to meeting the one person - Irshad Manji - who's writing on her islamic faith made sense to me. Her focus on individual accountability and moral courage you've ignored in your article.
'Intellectuals, counterterrorism experts and faith-literate Muslims' discount this plain spoken and honest woman at their own risk, she offers what many of us believe is only option to the inevitable war with islam, that option being a swift and thorough enlightenment and modernization of the islamic ideology, started by the silent majority of modern muslims.
Irshad's rheumatoid arthritis has temporarily sidelined her book tour, but I hope she'll be back on the road soon. You and your 'way smarter than the rest of us' pals better pay attention to her message - Westerners are starting to doubt any good will ever come from your so-called 'religion of peace'.

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  1. I am very anti Islam in Canada. I have not read any of this woman`s books or essays so I do not know exactly what she is advocating. I will say that from the reading and studying I have done on Islam that because of Taqiyya I am very cautious of taking what you say of her at face value.