Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Progressive Muslims Agree - Israel Will Remain

Irshad's book tour has been cancelled - she's fallen ill, exhausted - with a hx of rheumatoid arthritis she needs to rest and take care of herself.  Imagine having your passion extinguished by a painful and debilitating disease - Get Well Soon!

“The legitimacy of Israel's existence is non-negotiable.  Israel is a legitimate, Jewish majority state.  I applaud Israeli society for its diversity, freedom and commitment to universal human rights.”

There are so many things to love about Irshad Manji and her new book,
'Allah, Liberty and Love'.
Not the least is her committment to Moral Courage.  With frequent (and very relevant) quotes and references to Martin Luther King Jr, she asks hard questions of both muslims as well as christians, jews and atheists.  This could be my counter protest sign at the next Pali-rally - "If I accept your customs, how does that affect the way you treat the most vulnerable members of the group?"

She's cancelled her Toronto appearance, but I hope she's still attending here in Calgary on June 29.

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