Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CASHRA 2011 - Calgary Conference

If you felt safer, more secure and fairly treated here in Calgary this week - no surprise.Your human rights 'protectors' were in town - meeting and eating, fussing and discussing all the better ways to spread their version of love around.
Important plenary sessions such as:
Halal and Hate Crimes, is there a (sausage) link?
Immigrants or Aboriginals, who's got more shiny beads?
Religious accomodation at work, does TGIF count?

The CASHRA conference objective?
"To meet, network and engage with people from across Canada who have common interests and goals related to human rights, diversity and inclusion."

I'm sure you'll agree, that's worth the over $200 million of your tax dollars spent each year on this crowd.  Ezra and Kathy expose how rediculous these commissions are . . .... again.

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