Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead

Damn, those 4 words are sweet.
Had to watch Geraldo first, that was painful.  Then had to listen to bHo take credit for the kill.  Brutal
Then had to listen to bHo say 'Osama was not a muslim'  Riiiiight . ..... this is Osama, with his muslim ass parked right in front of the 'black flag of jihad'. 
Hoorah for the US military for taking Osama out!  Now, let's find out who was hiding him. Bin Laden is residing in hell now, hopefully his 72 virgins all look like Helen Thomas.
Think I’ll head down to my local Mosque tomorrow and hand out some candy and cakes.


  1. Obama says Osama is not a Muslim.

    Earlier, Obama also said he himself is not a Muslim.

    Do the math...

    BTW - did you notoce Ignatieff laments all the MUSLIMS that Obama if the religion of a murder victim was more relevant than the fact that this evil troll murdered them!

  2. “Hello, is this Paki President Asif Ali Zardari?
    It is? OK, listen up.
    This is U.S. Seal Team 6, we are in your backyard, and we’re gonna kick in some doors.
    So stay outta our way, you miserable sack of shit, or you’re gonna get hurt.”
    PS “We’ll be back . ...”