Thursday, May 19, 2011

islamic seed planted . . ...

. ... we've all seen how this movie ends.

On the day Sassy writes about a radical Wahhabi 'educational consultant' being hosted by the islamic institute of Toronto, we get to witness the seeds of a new Arabic bilingual program being nurtured in the Calgary Public School System.  The irony is not lost.

It was an accident I was even paying attention enough to catch the notification of tonight's meeting.  Thank goodness for 'Google alerts'.  It was a master stroke on the part of the CBE to issue the required press release once, quietly, just a week before the event.  It's entirely possible it's the 'regular stroke' the CBE gives us taxpayers . . ... but I digress.  The info published on the CBE website is exactly the same as the info for any other bilingual program - they must think it's OK to compare islam to spanish and french, when it's really more like comparing rat poison to chocolate milk.

I arrived early, prepared with my 2 page presentation  . ... to a cafeteria with 6 'information stations' manned (sorry, staffed) by Board staffers to answer my questions. There was no formal presentation or Q&A session.  One question into the 1st station, I'm getting the "Maybe you should talk to someone else who knows more . ..." pass off speech.  So off we go to see 'Da Boss' - being a bureaucracy there were two to choose from.  With a nod from one and a head tilt from the other (I really wish I was kidding) I was soon discussing my concerns with David Stevenson, Deputy Chief Superintendent. 

As we talked, the room filled with  . . ... what, Dolphins?  Hobbits?  Arabs?  No, muslims.  Who else wants to be in an Arabic bilingual program in Cowtown?  Of the 50 women there, 45 wore hijab.  I looked over and saw Calvin Davies, (insert fancy title here) of the CBE having a laugh with several of the muslim men.  Like a high school dance, or mosque, the men and women stayed very, very separate.
David was very professional, explaining to me that his opinion was 'the board's opinion', and that was the only one he was going to provide me.

We discussed my concerns regarding islamic instruction, I found out a little bit about the process and learned about the 'integrity document'.  This is a letter the islamists are willing to sign promising not to inject any religious instruction into the Arabic language program.  David assured me that the board has a great deal of experience dealing with 'other religions' and that he was confident they could handle this group too.  I'm told him I was concerned he had no idea what's coming by allowing this to go forward, and that Islam is not like anything else we've ever encountered here in the West.  He nodded and looked at me like I was speaking Arabic.  He accepted a copy of my presentation, assuring me it would be 'considered'.  How very kind. 

I am convinced, like everywhere else in the world where islam has been permitted to flourish, it will take over here in Calgary. This ideology is nothing like your Spanish, Chinese or German bilingual programming, and I believe their 'integrity document' will soon be dismissed, undermined and overridden by an increasingly vocal and demanding arabic/islamist populace.  Calvin tried to reassure me that there was both a private islamic school as well as a charter islamic school already in Calgary, at least these children would be in the public education system . .... he looked right at me, with an earnest and well intentioned look in his eye as he said it.  Very sincere.  Very dhimmi.

There were over a dozen members of the Calgary Board of Education in attendance there tonight, not one of whom could have been mistaken for either Arabic or muslim.  We silly 'western culture enthusiasts' have made another serious mistake tonight by allowing this to happen, and it's no comfort at all that the same mistake has been made by democracies around the world over the last 30 years.  Even David admitted that 30 years from now, it might be proved that I was correct.  Small comfort.

The only media there tonight was the CBC, (Global sent a cameraman later, when I asked him which reporter was attending with him, he said he'd been sent 'last minute' and was only shooting file footage).  I'll update with vids later - not that it'll be all that revealing.  Google 'day at the Cairo bazaar' - it'll look the same. 

I forgot to mention those in attendance who weren't profiled by myself as 'obviously islamists'.  There were 4.  Out of 250 people . . ... only 4 . ... and two people from the CBC - talk about doesn't count. The phrase 'people get the government they deserve' comes to mind. 

Our only hope, is that they get a 'Bad Teacher'.  Damn, that would be funny.  Failing that, it's not going to be funny at all.

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