Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not Everyone Loves Geert Wilders

Only days after after London, England was branded a major grooming city for Al-Qaeda, hundreds of Muslim protesters carrying placards proclaiming ‘Islam will dominate the world’, surrounded the US embassy in the U.K., branding US leaders ‘murderers’ and warning that vengeance attacks were ‘guaranteed’ for the killing of Osama bin Landen.

Now Geert Wilders, the  Dutch parliamentarian who has famously said that he does not hate Muslims but that he does hate Islam, will be speaking in Canada.  Dr Liyakat Takim, Sharjah Chair in Global Islam at McMaster University says, “I’m astonished he’s coming, to be honest.  This is not a discussion. He is spreading hatred toward Islam and his comments are nothing short of inflammatory."
Muslims are upset that Mr. Wilders has been invited by a 'private group', and that the event is 'closed'.  But wait a minute.

These muslims ignore the fact that their own 'private events' in mosques around the country every friday are 'closed' - and that recent Wikileaks evidence written by U.S. military chiefs, list the Al Sunnah Al Nabawiah mosque in Montreal among nine so called 'houses of prayer' worldwide considered as a place ‘Al Qaeda members were recruited, facilitated or trained’.  The classified documents claim the mosque’s former Imam and current Guantanamo inmate, Mohamedou Ould Salahi, was the leader of the Canadian-based Al Qaeda cell. 

Wow, if any event should be 'open', it should be Friday afternoons at the 'Al Noodles Mosque' in Montreal!

These muslims also ignore the fact that whenever events such as these, where the truth is spoken about islam by knowledgeable, front line patriots, you radical islamists shout them down and disrupt the event.  Here's a thought, if muslims want 'open discussion' on their ideology, let them invite speakers and hold their own events.  When Ann Coulter was in Calgary she was confronted by a member of the audience who, rather than ask a question, decided to start speaking at the mike instead.  Ann simply said, "If you have a question, ASK IT. If you want to make a speech, rent a room like I did, and make it there."

That's the way it works here, muslims.  I'll have a bar-b-que and invite my friends, and no matter what we're going to talk about, you're not invited.  The IFPS will rent a room and invite their friends, they'll talk about islam, and you're not invited.  Every Friday, you muslims all meet in your ideology and indoctrination hall, and  . ... Surprise!  We're all not invited.

Geert Wilders is going to speak at a private event, and I'm invited . . ... and I've gotta tell you - I'm thrilled.  You muslims are not, and that's OK here in Canada.  There's nothing wrong with what the IFPS is doing, in fact, there will be accredited journalists and videographers there - so it'll be a much more transparent and honest event then any of the meetings you hold every friday at mosque. 

In fact, frequently when video cameras are secretly used to record your muslim meetings, scandals follow.  Such as the 'Undercover Mosque' series. When cameras are secretly used to film your private schools, scandals follow.  Such as the 'Madrassa Beatings video.  I'd suggest you clean up your own backyard first, before you start telling your neighbors that the fence around their yard is too high.

This 'fence' around the IFPS event is just high enough, thank you.  It's what you would refer to here in Canada as 'regulation height'.  The restrictions on who can attend this event featuring Geert Wilders are very much like a fence - yes, they're designed to keep you out. 
Just like a bar-b-que in my own yard, just like the fence around Buckingham Palace, just like the fence around your mosque - the restrictions are designed to keep some people who aren't wanted from attending a legally sanctioned event being held on a piece of legally held private property.

OK, your feelings are hurt because you're not invited.  Tell me about it, brother!  I was deeply hurt that I wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding - I'm actually a fan of the Royal Family, and Ezra Levant pointed out last week on his show that the Monarchy provides a real stability that supports Western Democracy.  I just wanted to smile and wave, not disrupt the event like the the Muslims against Crusades.  But I understand the rules here in our western democracies, there's a fence, I'm not invited, that's it.
So, it's clear that I understand how you muslims feel, you're not invited, you're not welcome . . ... I get it.  Tell you what, if you ask me nicely, I'll send you a video link of the event.  I understand that if the Conservatives manage to pass Bill C-51 that I could be taking a big risk (up to 2 years in jail) by sending a hyperlink of what you whiners might consider a hate speech event - but I'm willing to take the chance.  Now, as the EDL would say in the UK, "Sod off"!

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