Saturday, May 14, 2011

Geert Wilders in Toronto

Some say you should live every day as if it were your last.  Geert Wilders has intimate knowledge of this viewpoint -  it's the reason the Dutch leader spends each day travelling with several bodyguards, and never sleeps in the same house two nights in a row.  Mr. Wilders appears to be a very brave man.  He's also a very thoughtful and intelligent politician. 
An unpopular stance regarding islam has made him a big target around the muslim world.  The International Free Press Society brought Geert Wilders to Canada to share with us his views on Free Speech in his home country, and what has happened to his countrymen as a result of the islamic invasion.
I had the pleasure of meeting Geert Wilders on May 9 in Toronto, and what I remember most about that meeting is how relaxed and personable this man who 'rides the tip of the spear' was, amongst a roomful of journalists, activists and admirerers.  Blazing Cat Fur, Kathy Shaidle, Barbara Amiel, Meir Weinstein of the JDL - this was not an event to miss!  Jonathan Kay wrote an insightful article that gives no quarter to those who accuse Mr. Wilders of racism or xenophobia.  Enjoy Geert Wilders full on, just as if you were there, a remarkable experience.  Ezra Levant provided a terrific interview with Mr. Wilders, on his Sun TV show The Source.

 I stopped by to visit the Ezra, (the man, the legend) at his shop - he's a terrific host, and I got a glimpse behind the scenes.  I got to meet and watch a well organized and dedicated Sun staff bring you the truth   .... Thanks Ezra!

Finally, a real highlight of the trip - lunch with the Toronto Press Club at the U of T Faculty Pub, with spirited and frank discussion of the event many of us had attended.  Hosted by the lovely Moira, I can recommend both the Seafood Cassarole and the Teriyaki Steak.  For an Alberta boy to recommend the steak at a pub in Toronto .  . ... well, it's gotta be good.  I'm looking forward to my next trip!

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