Saturday, May 21, 2011

CBC - Lies by Omission and Spin

What are lies by omission?
Telling her husband she 'went out', when she were really 'out playing the VLT's.'
Telling her boss she 'worked all weekend' when she was 'working on her resume.

Lies, Lies of Omission, and Damn Lies . . ... they're all the same, and that's what the CBC tells Canadians.  That's what your state broadcaster, the federally funded agency that works for you, the group of so-called journalists who by their work would be more likely found working in Russia or China, except for an accident of birth that made them Canadian citizens.

On May 19 a reporter from CBC attended the 'Arabic Language & Culture Program' open house in Calgary, and she lied repeatedly.  She lied by not showing you the truth of who was there, what was said, and obscuring the history of the issues surrounding islamic culture.

I was there.  I can tell you that 90% of the women there wore full islam dress including hijab - yet the only picture on the story was of a woman named 'Alex Poole', a 'barely arab' looking woman with her hair uncovered.  There are no doubt 'justifications' for this exclusive view, 'rationalizations' that the woman reporter made for her lies of omission, for spinning the story the way she did.  Maybe her intentions were, to her at least, honorable.  Maybe she just wanted to see the 'good' in everything she saw that night, she looked very young and pretty, maybe that's all she's capable of seeing. 

But maybe she was told by her bosses to spin this into a fluff piece.  To cover up anything that might make the viewers 'uncomfortable' - like a picture of a room full of committed islamists taking the first steps to creating a madrassa within our Calgary Public Education system.  If that's the case, then she's no longer a journalist, but an agent of the state, working for a propoganda department, a tentacle of the state.  She's certainly not a 'civil servant' who works for you or me. 

It's apparant to me this CBC 'reporter' ('spinner' is a more accurate term) swallowed whole the hollow excuses put forward for the public funding of this islamic program.  A thinly desguised program put forth as a remedy for 'the poor arab children who are overwhelmed with English'.   How awful for them!  English everywhere!  My favorite line in the piece is more of a doomsday prophecy than the average reader, or even this dhimmi reporter, might realize.

"Down the road when they are having a career – and likely it could be in the oil and gas industry in Alberta – having Arabic as a language that you can communicate with would definitely be an asset for your child."   Read that again, and picture Alberta as an islamic state under sharia law.  It's perhaps more accurate than you first thought. 

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