Monday, August 24, 2009

'See No Islam'-Media incuriousity on matters Islamic.

Women are being executed by their families.

Today. In the U.S. and Canada.

The media's incuriousity of relevant Islamic jurisprudence on apostasy is unbelievable. What is the root cause of this 'self blinding' to matters Islamic?

From Rifqa Bary's legal petition, filed in Florida Aug 18/09.

"The child's parents are devout followers of Islam and members of the extreme Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio. This is where the internationally known Hamas cleric, Salah Sultan, was the resident scholar before being banned from the United States. Salah Sultan is known as a global terrorist who publicly advocates the killing of Americans and Jews. The largest cell of Al Qaeda operatives was operating from the largest mosque in the Columbus area. Columbus is one of the cities under current investigation concerning the U.S. operations of Al-Qaeda. The child is a target for the radical Muslim community of Columbus, Ohio."

Charles Krauhammer, a conservative columnist in the U.S., states clearly his views on why very few newspapers published the Danish Cartoons of Mohamed in Sept/05. “What is at issue is fear. The unspoken reason many newspapers do not want to republish is not sensitivity but simple fear.”

Fear of what? 'Leaving Islam, Apostates speak out' tells you clearly what. Death. Not a kind death either, but one like Theo van Gogh's, stabbed multiple times on the street, with a message from Islam affixed to the knife.

'See no Islam journalism' is carefully documented and explained by Diana West. She points out that the mainstream media, including Time Magazine, use subliminal messages to distance issues such as honor killings from Islam, concluding again that this is only done for one reason. Fear. "Extremely rare" says Time magazine, that "devout and deeply conservative muslim families" commit these crimes. 5,000 murders a year, does that sound 'extremely rare' to you?

More like it's 'extremely rare' that someone like Rifqa Bary escapes the death sentence of muslim apostacy. Ms. West concludes, "We must learn that it is vital to exercise our freedoms if we want to have any hope of preserving them."

Watch a few clips of Geert Wilders, like this one he gave on Free Speech in Los Angeles in April of this year, and see the difference between foolish and false articles like this, and the truth about Islam as spoken by free men like Geert.

Why should we fear reprisal from fools such as Zijad Delic when we know the truth? Delic is an imam and one of many 'muslim leaders' who were incensed that muslims would not be given free rein to respond to Mark Steyn's article in Maclean's magazine.

These 'sock puppets' of Mohamed Elmarsry's Canadian Islamic Congress thought that we had reached the point where all Canadians were so afraid of offending muslims that they could bully their way to a financial and idealogical windfall, by charging both Mark and Maclean's with hate speech and appearing before Jennifer Lynch, Supreme Commander of The Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Surprise, sockies. 'M&M's' are tougher to chew on than you thought!

Finally, a quick replay of Rex Murphy's POV on 'Human Rights Gone Awry', will present concise arguments for more clear speech about Islam and Free Speech.

Rex: "Not every article is meant to be a valentine card, addressed to the reader's self esteem'. Get over it!" Gotta love it. Real Canadian Free Speech!

So, PACK SAND, ISLAM. I want nothing to do with your political ideology.

I will not submit, and neither should anyone else. In Rifqa Bary's case, her life depends on it.


  1. Good Post, Don. Time to close the doors to our country, and send undesirables home, if we can figure out who they are. Therein lies a problem.

  2. All free men and women held to the same standard, without fear.

    That should separate the 'wheat from the chaff'.