Monday, August 17, 2009

Ireland makes a fitting end for Jennifer Lynch

When I toured Ireland with my wife last year, I was left with many vivid memories of the land and the people.
Cycling the Burren Peninsula for a week from Galway through Ennis to Kilkee and back was breathtaking.
Killmainham Jail, Dublin, Ireland

Touring by bus and the train system for 2 more weeks was another great adventure, and upon arriving in Dublin we explored extensively that beautiful city.

Lance Armstrong will be riding as part of a seven-man team starting from Dublin in the Tour of Ireland next week, and I can't think of anyplace I'd rather be. However, this isn't 'How I spent my summer vacation', see Ireland for yourself.

While in Dublin, as part of the 'Irish experience' we toured the Guinness Storehouse, (Arthur Guinness and his wife Olivia had 21 children) and Kilmainham jail, where the leaders of the Easter Uprising were executed in 1916.

Kilmainham jail was a horrible place. The tour emphasizes the children and even whole families incarcerated for stealing bread, and the poor conditions all Irish prisioners of their English masters were subjected to. Here is where Jennifer Lynch may have wished, in hindsight, to have paid more attention.

The Irish had their own culture, and resented strongly the impact England was having on the Irish culture. Patrick Pearse, an IRISH LAWYER, started his own Irish school and frequently published his own unpopular opinions. That's right, he was a publisher. Always has been a dangerous occupation, always will be.
In the end, it wasn't how Patrick Pearse lived, but how he died, that finally mobilized the people of Ireland. Sir John Maxwell, the British military governor was in sole charge of trials and sentences at Kilmainham by "field general court martial", which was trial without defence or jury and in camera. Sounding familiar, Jennifer?

Maxwell executed 15 Irish rebels between May 3 and May 12, including Patrick Pearse and his brother William. The Irish, they value family. History illustrates that Maxwell couldn't have chosen more poorly. The docents at Kilmainham jail retell the story like it happened yesterday, and the history of their fight for freedom is a vivid cultural memory for all the Irish people.

How much did these men love freedom? Enough to die for it.

Regardless of the fact that they were 'voices in the wilderness', much like Winston Churchill was in the days leading up to WWII during Neville Chamberlain's rule as Prime Minister of England. Which leads me, eventually, to the present day struggle for Canadian's freedom to write and say whatever they want, limited only by the constraints imposed by the criminal code.

I don't think it's extreme or insulting to the Irish freedom fighters to compare their struggle for independence to Canadian's battle for freedom from the various 'Human Rights Commissions'. Freedom of speech is a basic democratic freedom. Jennifer Lynch's recent attempt to recruit Canadian lawyers to her cause, while touring Ireland on the taxpayers dime, is a desperate effort to rally mercenary support for her unwinable cause. Canadian lawyers aren't going to be fooled by her self centered survival efforts, and Canadians as a whole aren't the group of illiterate third worlders she believes them to be.

Like the Irish, (and my recent trip to Newfoundland vividly bears this out) Canadians are a savvy and accepting people, with a strong morale compass that will eventually call 'bullshit' nationwide when they realize what the various HRC's are up to. The question is, what EXACTLY is it going to take to wake this country up?

At what point does the tyranny of the CHRC become apparent to the average joe with a job, a mortgage and an insurance bill that equals almost 5% of his/her take home salary? (I just got my home/car insurance bill, $1800 for house insurance? WTF?) How many copies of 'Shakedown' am I going to have to give away before the neighbors understand? The good news is Supreme Commander Jennifer Lynch is well on her way to repeating the mistakes of history. Oblivious, narrow-minded, and short-sighted, her $300,000 dollar salary isn't enough.
Jennifer Lynch believes she is smarter than you are, and she wants to change the world. She is unbelievably dangerous.

My main concern:

They aren't going to have to shoot Ezra, Mark and Kathy first though, are they?


  1. My concern is that if we do not stop this CHRC gestapo and the mini gestapo's in the provinces and territories, we will make a mockery of the phrase in our national anthem "true, north, strong,and free".

    What's a one syllable word that rhymes with "thee" that means "Wow, this country had really gone into the toilet since we let the HRC's/HRT's take over"?

    Mr. Harper, please put J Ly out of our misery.

  2. An excellent message to send to your M.P.