Monday, August 31, 2009

Intellectual Dishonesty

One problem with our shrinking world today is that once you post your profile, it becomes fast fodder for the most base personal attacks on everything you write. Such is the case following, as I 'dust my feet' on 'Sultan' (a name I shockingly never considered for my own first-born) Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi.

First coming to my attention in the Globe's opinion piece, 'A Canadian Model for the Gulf', Sully says that Bob & Doug et al are "a beacon of education, tolerance and respect" and that "it's an impossible variable to quantify, but it could be argued that Canada's most important export to the Middle East is hope."

Excuse me? Hope for what? Sully's impressed that so many of his countrymen and covered chattal (read: women) arrive in Canada, receive a "modern and secular education" and return to Dubai, promptly spinning the Arab world on it's head! Remarkable achievement!

It must truly be wonderful to see all of those young Arab-Canadians (guess they got passports while they were here too) relaxing around the Dubai International Finance Center just like in Canada (except the ladies don't dare sit too close) discussing how they're going to build 'Little Vancouver' in the Emirati capital (minus all the bars, strip clubs, and gay pride parade). Why, you can almost taste the maple syrup.

He paints a rosy picture of a Canadian educational system turning out a plethora of educated, modern Arabs who will reform the Saudi Koran-based ed-system and take an "active role in the Middle East Peace Process", making it sound more like a Mel Brooks film they'll be auditioning for, rather than the stated Saudi goal of eradicating the Jewish state of Israel.

The Canadian model that Sully Soo-Q is advocating is less likely to be imported than our more sand-friendly "Human Rights Commissions", although campuses in both countries are likely to call the police if you host a debate on abortion on university property. Only difference, you're more likely to survive the detention and interrogation under the maple leaf.

A quick tour of Sully's other recent articles "If you think Dubai is bad, just look at your own country" bemoans a hit piece written by a British journalist, and elicits a fit of pique on what a lousy country Britain is, completely ignoring the irony that Britain is rapidly becoming a muslim country, so no wonder it's such a disaster.

His blog further discredits this sheet-wearing syncophant of Sheikh Zayed and daddy's boy (he managed to grow a piece he broke off his father's company into . ... something) who trades on his contacts.

He reminds me of the girl William Shatner sings about in 'Common People', who could 'call her dad, and he'd stop it all', and who'll never 'dance and drink and screw, because there's nothing else (for common people) to do!'

Saudi elite, for this is what Sully is, remind me of Canadian liberal elite, brushing their teeth with their own special brand of bullshit after a heaping plate of the same steaming stuff. It's no pleasure to read their crap in the G&M, since we have enough local liberal opinion chaff to sort through, like these tips on how to 'be sensitive to muslim extended lunch breaks' during Ramadam-a-ding-dong. Accompanied by the usual threat, of course, to appease these long lunchers (who aren't even eating lunch) or "work relations" may worsen. No kidding, is that a bomb in my cubicle, or are you just unhappy to see me?

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