Thursday, July 23, 2009

Of course, blame the 'Islamaphobes'

Ehab would have us believe we're all to blame for the death of Marwa El-Sherbiny. Her tragic death in a German courtroom somehow equates in Ehab's mind to his Canadian muslim identity and the 'hatred' of his unnamed fellow citizens for Islam. Well, here's a dose of reality for you, Ehab.

I don't want a rabid rottweiler living next door, or the hell's angels motorcycle gang. I also don't want a mysogynistic, culture eroding, honor killing, caliphate promoting, jihad crusading, hijab wearing, wife beating, Koran reading, muslim family.

If my neighbors have a well behaved dog, or a harley they ride on weekends, or they're a muslim family that puts Canadian values of free speech and citizenship first, then we don't have a problem.

Equating me to a psycho who stabbed this woman to death because 'all Canadians hate muslims' is rediculous, and only fuels the fire he's trying to extinguish.

Ehab further states the Canadian Government 'rarely comes to the aid of muslims unless ordered to do so by the courts', refering to Abousfian Abdelrazik and Omar Khadr. He conveniently forgets Huseyin Celil, a Canadian muslim being held in China, who Canadian Diplomats are fighting tirelessly to free and bring home.

Ehab's narrow-minded and monocular view insists we need to use taxpayer money to 'do research into Islamophobia and start a vigorous campaign to raise awareness of interculturalism', based on the recommendations of a Quebec committee.

I believe the research has been done, and the verdict is in. Canadians don't want to sacrifice their way of life to accomodate muslims anymore. The great 'multicult experiment' is over. Canadians don't like the 'Ehabs', people who use their muslim identity to blame everyone else for whatever bad happens to muslims around the world. Grieving partial truths and even outright lies in the case of Omar Khadr, the 'Ehabs' want us to feel guilty for not doing enough to help destroy our way of life in a seizure of accomodation and appeasement.

What happened to Marwa, her husband and her son was tragic. I would suggest that Ehab's fear of a similar occurrance of what happened in that German courtroom is well founded, and that a large portion of the blame will be laid directly on his own doorstep. We're looking forward to your post on the recent muslim honor killings in Kingston, Mr. Lotayef. Is that my fault too?

h/t BCF 'always out front'

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