Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MSM improving with Calgary Herald

Having your local paper quoted in blogs you follow, and on more than one occasion, is a real cause for celebration! From Licia Corbella's series on why "only mentally ill women wear a burka" to the recent honor killings coverage, The Calgary Herald has been doing a terrific job.

This latest editorial on 'The Imported Evil of Honor Killings' is spot on. To quote, "Community leaders and the clergy have a key role to play in heading off the potentially lethal intercultural and inter-generational disputes which sometimes lead to the murder of children from these cultures by their parents".

Although she wasn't killed, how do you disown your 8 year old daughter after she's been raped? Here's another story we probably wouldn't have read in a more left wing local paper.

Maybe Dr Amin Muhammad, Professor of Psychiatry at Memorial University in Newfoundland can explain. He's a specialist is the area of TCP, Transcultural Psychiatry, and was quoted - again in the Calgary Herald - as saying that"honor killings in Canada are on the rise, and that very soon we'll have a problem in Canada".

I'd say 10 honor killings a year indicates we already have a problem. A much bigger problem than maybe we realize. The Calgary Herald editorial mentioned earlier sums it up clearly,

"Immigrants are welcome, but must realize they are expected to internalize Canadian values and leave behind repugnant archaisms such as this utterly skewed understanding of what constitutes male honour, and the obligation of feminine submissiveness."

The 'Cult of Multicult' is over.

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