Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7 muslim groups claiming 'defamation' sent packing

In Texas, (read: 'In Heaven ...') 7 Muslim groups who filed 'Lawfare claims' that they were defamed by a journalist were told they had no valid case in the 'Six Flags over Terrorists' ruling.

Joe Kaufman wrote an online article for Front Page Magazine describing the Islamic Circle of North America as a "radical Muslim organization" and "a recent donor to Hamas" as well as "involved in the financing of al-Qaeda." Kaufman also said, "Those involved with this group's event, Muslim Family Day (at Six Flags Theme Park), may very well have found an original and appealing way to spread anti-Western hatred."

Justice Livingston said this statement did not give rise to a valid defamation case by the seven Islamic groups, none of whom were named in the article.

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