Monday, July 27, 2009

Muslim Punk Rock

Seriously. I couldn't make this up. Sometimes when you start one place on the internet, you end up somewhere else you never imagined.

My old favorite example of this is was going online to buy cowboy boots, and ending up here.

Our 'staycation' at Calgary Folkfest just ended, with a Monday morning of rest and recovery. 4 fabulous days of sunshine, great music and good friends, so while surfing the news and pictures of 1st the local scene, then the Canadian scene, the link to 'Muslim Punk Rock' pops up. I honestly don't know what to make of it, or what to say. It's like TNOYF's 'Islamic Rage Boy' meets 'The Sex Pistols'.

How about, 'Kids these days, what are they up to now?' Turns out it's the same thing they've (we've) always been up to . . ... raising hell, and turning the established norms upside down. God bless 'em. My two favorite quotes, "No more female lead singers, OK?", and "Music is haram!" while smashing his guitar. Oh, and when the cops arrive . ...

I still don't think we'll see them at Folk Fest anytime soon.

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