Sunday, October 17, 2010

Australian U.N. 'Youth Representative'

Who Represents our Youth? Samah Hadid, Australia’s representative to the United Nations Youth Association for 2010

Al Age’s Good Weekend September 18th featured a youth issue, which included an article about the Aussie 2010 Australian Youth Representative to the UN.
In case you’re imagining your typical friendly outgoing Aussie, let me reassure you that in our glorious multicultural society, a Muslim woman complete with hijab is our chosen representative.
Given that Muslims comprise only 2% of our population, and Muslim females presumably roughly half that amount, you could be forgiven for asking why choose someone who speaks for only 1% of our youth.

Let’s hear more about Samah Hadid: a 22 year old human rights advocate from Bankstown, Sydney’s West, she is completing her Masters in Human Rights Law and Policy at the University of New South Wales, and in her spare time is a performance artist writing a play called The Burqa Monologues.

This busy lass is the Youth Representative on the Australian National Commission for UNESCO and a member of Amnesty International’s Diversity Steering Committee.

Samah co-wrote an article about the burqa in which she claimed Muslim women’s rights were being sacrificed to score cheap political points:

It seems a prerequisite for selection is promoting global citizenship, just like the UN does. Personally, I would hope our youngsters would support democracy rather than a One World Government. (Australian Islamist Monitor)

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