Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2/3 of Canadians think their neighbors are idiots

Be Afraid!
A new poll shows 2/3 of Canadians agree that the long gun registry will keep us safe - from each other. Well thank god, because lately 'you people' have been scaring the hell out of me.

Mostly it's those of us in Alberta that don't mind our neighbor having a gun, 'cause it's usually a really nice gun and she'll often let me have a go with it at the range.

The Quebec-ists really hate guns, mostly they know their neighbors are crazy so having a bunch of guns in your voisinage doesn't make any sense at all.
"This has very substantive resonance and support across the country", Ipsos Reid senior vice-president John Wright said Tuesday of the registry. (He also rubbed his hands together and thought of all the wonderful money they gave him to do this poll . . .... and the next poll sponsored by those 'right wing gun nuts'. His phone isn't ever going to stop ringing if he does this right.)

The Calgary Herald says this poll indicates Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is 'running counter to public opinion' with his quest to kill the registry. This must be true, because when you work as hard as they have to try and shape something as difficult as a Canadian Public Opinion, you'd expect everyone to run directly towards it.
So here they are, stuck with Harper's (True) Leadership, and joining with the media who oppose him are the Supreme Council of Canadian Police Chiefs . . ... who accepted what was nothing short of a $115,000 bribe from CGI, the makers of the computer software that controls the gun registry . . ... which they used to take their wives to a Celine Dion concert on Aug 25/10. Who can blame them? Being a Supreme Policeman is probably pretty exhausting, what with all of the 'this & that' you have to do every day.

But back to the poll. I don't think they asked any of the Indians (sorry, FNP's) what they thought, because way back in September (2 weeks ago) the Supreme Council of Saskatchewan Indians (alright! FNP's) said they wanted to be exempt from registering their firesticks. That would be pretty funny, if they had all the guns and fishing rights and free education and tax exempt gasoline and free housing and can hunt any time of year and get free admission to the Calgary Stampede and wear those cool headdresses. . ...

Right, right . ... the poll. Watching the Liberals and NDP flipitty-flop on the vote to either keep, ban, or just paint all guns pink was the best part. That darn Harper, you just know he's going to point out to the voters what a bunch of dithering sissies they were in the next election. It's like the Layton crowd was pulling petals off a daisy - "I like guns . ... They scare me . ... I like guns . ... They scare me . ..."

OK, back to the poll. I didn't see them say how it divvied up re: Men vs. Women. Or how many respondents drove a pick-up vs. a beemer. How many who answered had ever done time in the crowbar hotel, or conversely had ever been a victim of a violent crime? What about dog owners vs. cat owners? How many ever saw more than 7 episodes of 'Matlock'?

How many of the respondents were asked the question this way . . ..."The federal gun registry has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and has done nothing to take guns away from criminals - So are you stupid enough to believe it's working, working a little bit, not working very well, or working really, really well for the people who want to control your life?"

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