Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Libby Davies - NDP Whackjob!

NDP MP Libby Davies has confirmed her contempt for the international rule of law many times. This latest example broke last week on many blogs like SDA, where L.D. Libby (Learning Disabled) Davies was exposed during a video interview. LD's speech at the June 5 pali-rally in Vancouver make her ignorance and her dismissal of Israel's right to exist clear.

PM Harper called for her to be forced to resign yesterday, here's hoping that will happen soon.

She's Canada's own Helen Thomas, mixed with a little Alvin Green (D-SC).
How does somebody this stupid get elected to Parliament?

The NDP has officially become home to the far left lunatics, and those in the Liberal party looking for a reason to scuttle the Liberal/NDP merger have found another way to sink that ship.
Speaking of sinking a ship, how long before Israel gets tired of 'fauxtilla' ships and sends one to the bottom?

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