Friday, June 4, 2010

Evidence Notwithstanding

In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary here:
Blazing Cat Fur
and here:
Blazing Cat Fur redux
IDF video of the pre-planned attack on their soldiers.
and here:
Israeli PM Netanyahu explains why the world believes Israel is guilty until proven guilty . . ... where's the fairness there?
Go here:
There is overwhelming evidence these islamic fanatics knew exactly what they were going to do, and that the whole flotilla was a setup. They knew some of them would die, and that their deaths was an acceptable price to pay if it would cause the world to turn against Israel.
Read here:
There is a theory that the weakening support of the current United States Administration is what is encouraging these Hamas lunatics to challenge Israel, and the head of Israel's Mossad external security force agrees. It's no surprise, really. Bullies always target the weak, and the radical islamists of Hamas are certainly nothing more than bullies. Google 'Gaza children used as human shields' and see for yourself how these cowards operate.

It would be fantastic to get a group of counter-protesters like this one together!

Here is the info on the Gaza Feedom rally tomorrow, have a bucket ready. Remember, this is happening in downtown Cowtown, AGAIN, on a Saturday afternoon, when all the citizens are at home mowing their lawns, or taking their kids to baseball practice.

Calgary Protest Against Israel's Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla
Saturday, June 5, 2010 @ Noon (12pm) to 2pm
We will march from the Harry Hays building (on the corner of Macleod Trail & 4th AVE downtown) to the City Hall building

Note: Please wear all black & keffiyeh's and bring any flags or posters with you. Please be respectful, any posters regarded as anti-Semitic will be removed. UPDATE: SPHR Calgary will also be collecting donations for the launch of a Canada & Quebec Ship to Gaza in the next few weeks.
A good question to ask the fools who show up for this and other protests;

Where is the flotilla for the real starving?

Good Lord, People! If you've spent any of your valuable time watching the above videos, reading the articles and examining the evidence, and YOU'RE STILL NOT CONVINCED of who's to blame for the deaths aboard the flotilla boat, then spend 6 minutes watching Pat Condell explain exactly why the Cordova Mosque being built at 'Ground Zero' in New York must be stopped.

There is protest planned by people who love freedom, security and our Western Culture planned for Sunday, June 6 at the site of this heinous affront to the memory of 3,000 people who died in an act of Islamic terrorism on September 11, 2001.

We must never forget. Nothing will ever drive the Jewish People from their homeland, not even this evil hag, and there is no way islam will ever dominate the Christian West. Never, Ever. Wake up folks, it's almost too late.

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