Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lame-o fauxtilla protest in Calgary

OK, Islamic Rage Boy wasn't there, and it was too bad,
'cause otherwise it was REALLY REALLY BORING . ....

No Hamas or Hezbolla Flags, like there were in the Toronto protest.
Did the 'hardliners' just stay home, or were they at some nefarious kids soccer practice, baseball game, swim meet or what?

Misguided, gullible, followers of Mo' and friends. Wonder how they feel about the 'reverse flotilla' the Israeli's are putting together to deliver aid to the Kurds in Northern Turkey?


  1. Thanks for the link! Be glad it was boring -- believe me, you don't want the "excitement" of the Toronto hatefests.

  2. Considering there was not one single counter protester, you're right. These bullies picket a vacant building on a Saturday, because they're numbers are small. Eventually . . ... I'd like to think folks here will wake up to the threat before it becomes as big a problem as Toronto, or Europe.